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Yahoo Data Solutions publishes daily data such as the number of visitors in the 23 wards of Tokyo that can be used to analyze the impact of "going out, etc." in measures against new corona infections


Yahoo's data service solutions for businesses provide visitors to Tokyo's 23 wards based on data owned by Yahoo, with the aim of helping to analyze the effects of voluntary self-control as a measure against new coronavirus infections. Daily data such as numbers [estimated values] were released as open data.

In response to calls to go out on weekends and refrain from coming and going with neighboring prefectures, Yahoo Data Solutions reported on March 30 [Monday] that visitors from three prefectures [Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa] to Tokyo A report investigating changes in [estimated values] was published and many people referred to it.

Requests for voluntary control of going out and traffic are thought to be likely to continue, especially in Tokyo, where infections are expanding, so we aim to be widely used to analyze the effects and effects of going out of control. Data such as the number of visitors was released as open data today. This data can be freely used by anyone if it is specified as "Source: Yahoo Data Solutions".

This data is based on estimates of the daily number of visitors and the number of residents from outside the wards for each of the 23 wards in Tokyo [to obtain the rate of decrease in the number of visitors, It is necessary to have a comparison calculation.] The data for April 2 [Thu] will be released on April 3, and the data for April 3 [Fri]-April 5 [Sun] will be added on April 6 [Mon]. The date of the update after April 7 has not yet been determined.

Number of visitors to Tokyo's 23 wards [estimated value]

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