◎ Countermeasures against technical inspection fraud = Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, aim to implement from FY 2009 ◎

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has adopted the "Technical Certification Fraud Examination Countermeasures Study Group" (Chairman = Endo Kazuyoshi Kogakuin University Vice (Professor, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture Professor) was established. In addition to the method of managing and recording practical information, we will consider the penalties for fraudulent applications. The government ensures the quality, workability, and safety by appropriately assigning supervision and chief engineers to the construction site during construction and construction. In recent years, both the construction and construction fields are cases in which the work experience, which is the requirement for the technical certification examination, has been applied and taken to become a qualified person despite the fact that the experience is actually not recognized. Occurred in. In order to ensure quality and reliability, after discussions at the study group, preventive measures will be summarized this fall, and will be linked to the inspection measures for FY2021.

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