◎ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, direction = information expansion leaflet for single-parent problem measures, measures against camouflage and improvement of treatment, contracts and promotion of joining company insurance ◎

The Construction Market Development Division, Real Estate and Construction Economy Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has compiled the concept of countermeasures for the single-parent problem in the construction industry, which has been discussed since June 2020, and summarized the appropriate single-master and camouflaged single-master from the information so far. The direction of issuing the expanded leaflet was shown. In the future, in addition to adjusting the subcontracting guidance guidelines for social insurance participation for revision, we will consider establishing a consultation desk. Especially in housing construction, while there are many human resources who are active as single masters, there is still a movement to disguise the people who work in the organization for cost reduction as single masters, in addition to improving a healthy competitive environment. Securing leaders by improving the treatment of skilled workers in the construction industry who work at each site.

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