◎ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Study Group on Energy Conservation of Housing = Presenting the mandatory policy of the current standard, not showing the application time, the committee side requests a roadmap ◎

On the 3rd, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism held the "Study Group on Energy Conservation Measures in Houses and Buildings for a Decarbonized Society" to discuss the mandatory compliance with energy conservation standards for houses, and to "Energy Conservation Standards" for houses and buildings. Although it included "mandatory compliance with energy conservation standards" and "expansion of the scope of compliance with energy conservation standards," it presented a draft that the schedule was not stated. The draft states that "(in 2030) aim for ZEH on average for new homes" and that the mandatory standards will be "based on the current energy conservation standards." In addition, "raising guidance standards and top runner standards" and "supporting the improvement of (insulation construction) technical capabilities" were also included as a system improvement on the supply side. However, since the draft does not include a roadmap that shows the target figures, deadlines, and the years that should be achieved by backcasting against the goals, the committee members are asked to provide specific figures such as goals and roadmaps. Was requested.

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