◎ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's FY2009 budget = 1% decrease to 5,898.1 billion yen, 55% increase including corrections to 9,189.3 billion yen, to realize "new daily life" ◎

The budget for the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in 2021 decreased by 1% from the previous year to 5,898.1 billion yen in the general account. Including the third supplementary budget for FY2008, it increased 55% to 9,189.3 billion yen, which will promote each business. A state affected by the spread of the new coronavirus disease, with the pillars of "ensuring the safety and security of the people," "realizing sustainable economic growth," and "forming affluent and vibrant regions and creating a nation with multilateral cooperation." Aiming to realize a "new daily life". In order to create a country that advocates regional revitalization, we will improve the living environment such as living in two bases and wormcation, introduce smart cities, next-generation mobility, and promote compact town development.

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