◎ Ministry of the Environment 2021 budget, ZEH support added requirements such as 6,550 million yen = construction experience ◎

The Ministry of the Environment requested a budget request for FY2021 and established a "support project for detached housing net zero energy house (ZEH), etc." in the same way as the ZEH support that was provided up to this year, and 200 million yen compared to the previous year. We requested a large amount of 6,550 million yen. The reason for the increase is that the Ministry of the Environment will support ZEH +, which was a project of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry until the previous year. The subsidy amount per unit is 600,000 yen for ZEH and 1.05 million yen for ZEH +, as in the previous year. We will continue to provide assistance to household storage batteries and CLT. Insulation reform of existing houses will be continued, but heat exchange type ventilation equipment will be included in the subsidy as a countermeasure against the new corona infection.

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