◎ The ruling party decides on the tax reform outline = The deduction rate for mortgage tax exemption is uniformly 7.0% ◎

On the 10th, the ruling party summarized the 2022 tax reform outline and decided to set the deduction rate for mortgage tax exemption to 0.7% and the deduction period for new housing to 13 years. The borrowing limit has been set to be raised according to the environmental performance and the deadline for occupancy in order to induce the early acquisition of houses with high energy-saving performance. We will also relax the age requirements for existing homes. Investment-type tax cuts will be extended to ZEH. The maximum amount of gift tax exemption for housing acquisition is 10 million yen for "good quality housing" and 5 million yen for others. The tax reform bill will be submitted to the ordinary Diet session in 2010.

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