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■The 4th Industrial Revolution when

The 4th Industrial Revolution, about the Internet Society the presence of silica is generally carried out and of the Industrial Revolution, the evolution of the”about steam engines・electricity・computer・net”and the classification of the sociologist and economist point of view there.

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However, these based on the changed innovation the vicissitudes of mass production”(batch)・variety small amount production(mixed production)・order production(order production)”and if we can understand the industrial revolution, of a different standard of”Finance efficiency”is to know. This law is a capitalist economy as long as they do not change. And the next move is to see. So to speak, technological innovations supported by”soft innovation”that is to say.

■Automotive business model is how can I change it?

Sharing service・automated driving, such as changes in the”car owning”lifestyle decrease the factors that may be considered. Sharing service is popular, the Parking the daytime Parking of the car is reduced, and so on. The whole car occupancy rate on the other. It is the whole of society funds to improve the efficiency, and this means that. Therefore, the flow of the mainstream will go.

On the other hand, automatic operation is directly sharing service to do this leads to have a unique social system in that taxi and the driver is not from the popular to help. Truck transportation, the Autonomous driving by fine-grained post…. None of the sharing service of the popular encourage.

In this context also”owned”here, at least not any that is to you. Vehicle to order from the position, the automatic operation of the vehicle power performance and maneuverability is high is not necessary,a safe ride is good, and if you want to be that. The current taxi model of the extreme form is considered.

And automotive manufacturers for purchase of”home appliances”like the catalog in order to lean this way. The”net order”only. Big data available to companies is leading and Internet-related work to the companies advantage and.

The automotive industry of the manufacturing sector of work is required in the order, production, and swing production would be. Then order your instant delivery system to manufacturing companies that survive, and the user interface part of the car manufacturers may not be. AI education can Big Data hold the company for which the system will be. And, and production, as well as sharing services such as hand and hang it at the car manufacturers survive and look the same.

Thus, the automotive industry is”build-in”way to proceed further it is necessary to,car selection by criteria radically amended that there is an urgent need to have. Next year the automotive journalists, as well as economic journalists, manufacturing managers, etc with this and hope that. (Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at)

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