【2019 year-end Planning]Team・10 best cars from the look of 2019 the world of automobiles (2/3)

■Global warming countermeasures from the evaluation of the

The current automotive industry is facing”global warming”and”fuel efficiency”from the evaluation criteria is,unfortunately, not always”top priority”criteria and can not be felt. Or the Earth being put under pressure, and clearly displays it,”this performance is in practical use it”and, the”CO2 thing”should be. However, still seriously is not stupidity, but to be human is to you.

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In 2019 Japan Car of the awards won by Toyota・RAV4(436 points), the”thermal efficiency improvement”and”CO2 zero”of the emergency to the goals of just,manoeuvrability, practicality, fashion such as the balance of good to take a figure has been also for sure. This is the extinction of the depths to which humanity of the figure as is”and have not”is not a figure. This”award”to itself,”we not”what is this bird’s-eye view look.

The current automotive regulations, a”dry weight 1 ton less”and naturally be it. That is, economic activity that does not inhibit range, think in the future humans will survive it to the extent that the amount of CO2 emissions, and improve it, the car weight is”light four-wheeled automobile”of the range for you would be. Freight forwarding as a possible”rail・ship and other means of mass transportation,”and to be limited, there is economic activity in a range that does not impair the light four-wheel vehicles are needed just.

■Journalists cannot be evaluated in a business model

Automotive journalists,Economic Journalists of the range can be evaluated as not of majority only. Evaluation drilling of the first performance only. Power performance,maneuver performance, such as direct operation on the part that is quite sharp you can evaluate that.

Automobiles from the great thing about this app is that you can, for example, No. 4: Toyota Corolla/Corolla touring (118 points) piloting a performance is appreciated in. However, the cost-down efforts and corporate efforts of all recognized as do not. In hindsight as”cheap and good”and is evaluated.

In the current automotive manufacturer’s corporate management, and what attitude is it? “Fuel economy and profit margins of the relationship, and how this part of technology development success of it?” Such as,creating an organization, including financing, shareholder structure,the world manufacturing base of selection, ranging from efforts to bring about the results of consideration no……..

This is of course, the Japanese car of the selection criteria is not included in. But this”global warming”in the face of mankind that the production activities of the evaluation can be said that the course of the day.

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