【2019 year-end Planning]Team・10 best cars from the look of 2019 the world of the automobile (1/3)

This year the Japanese team is decided,the automotive industry trend is coming into view. But this cataclysmic ERA, in the direction of a different automobile, for example,”Jaguar・I Space”and”Honda N-WGN”compare can be? And the question is open. Automotive journalists have a”social impact for a 1″to draw attention to, but this is also subjective, however. However, automobile to”good and bad I said,”that there also for sure.

【Here】Toyota・RAV4 has won the Japan Car of the 2019-2020 determined the expected SUV–?

■In 2019, the standard value

In 2019 our values are outdated”performance”car for that layer and global warming, when”fuel efficiency”a top priority that layer, and what relationship found by some trial and error as the wind looks like. Among them, the”Jaguar・I Pace”like a BEV[Battery Electric Vehicle], that is, the power system is the battery by the pure motor drive, only the more practical of the area reached there.

It is Tesla’s BEV has been noted,”the automobile manufacturers are not companies have built a car”and”gasoline car manufacturer was the company that made the automobile”the difference between journalists who feel like I was like. However, the difference to the finished car features”from snuff taking”as it is, there are fundamental differences in values and find you can not.

■Journalists we do to evaluate you?

These values of confusion, the”social impact”is important to them,but rather”users of the popular vote”is probably the most accurate assessment can be obtained this morning. However, automobiles are”goods”that are at the same time,”cultural”aspects and”technology”and”management”aspects such as that there is obvious.

・Design [interior・exterior・color] ・Packaging
・Power performance
・Design technology
・Manufacturing technology
・Production technology
・Cost down
・Production technology
・Profit margins
・Funds efficiency

Such as a wide range of expertise, you will not understand, and”comprehensive judgment”is not.

The status quo of the Japan Car of the selection Committee, all of these terms can be evaluated with the knowledge that it was just an awful experience and something I would not expect. Rather you can evaluate which side is”user perspective”will. It is,”maniac popular vote”that the evaluation criteria, and social conditions reflect a try.

But the car, and the”economic newspaper”adding to the assessment not be the current automotive industry business model is out there.

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