【Adult 派閥力学]Nissan・関氏 retired personnel stray outside Directors in the composition of the”Nominating Committee”

Nissan of Troika regime for the corner, but quickly collapsed. In 2019, 12 on 1 date HR executives are Chief Operating Officer[Deputy Chief Operating Officer]was appointed to about the moisture he will retire with. In 2020 2 January, Nidec next President as a candidate scheduled to be transferred it has been reported that the.

【Here】Renault・Nissan・Mitsubishi 3 company Union, the integration of the new way the next generation car technology in a new company

Recently shares of listed companies in transparency and respect for the officers, HR Directors constituting the”Nomination Committee”will determine the company has increased. Nissan also in this example the Nominating Committee is 関氏 to COO appointed to this human resources Renault・Nissan・the Japanese government is entwined with,complex power struggle to feel”compromise”and it was.

Nishikawa 廣人 President and CEO in 2019 9 month after retirement,関氏 is a replacement CEO candidate was seen as. However, the Nominating Committee of China division President of post, 関氏 Junior to the former Nissho Iwai Corporation from a 5-year-old young Mr. Uchida nominated. That is, the reversal personnel only. This is through 関氏 to Renault is hated for, but the position is reversed 関氏 to Mr. Uchida of subordinates to the Chief Operating Officer[Deputy COO]to the city.

Top human resources synchronization and seniors overtake the President if a rivalry that people outside the company to eliminate the column was. But dare 関氏 left, he through internal circumstances and business model of the practice who have a strong look from you would. Transparency of human resources, is the Nominating Committee of the speculation is a little Amateur-take it or leave it.

Usually, the major companies personnel are shareholders and the Bank intends to take with the person who is elected, but if the funds against the backdrop of a power struggle with the result. The struggle for losing your faction is eliminated,for the time being is stable and usually work in the ability to think”right”and of the faction power balance can this Nissan like this happening.

A listed company is its management which is transparent, with it is desirable, in the actual personnel in the struggle for power is intense,between the factions of coordination is difficult. Third parties, including the Nominating Committee in the selection if the inconsistencies and saying good things.

Also Nissan’s case,”Renault and Nissan through”and the struggle for power is behind it. The Ministry of economy, speculation in the complex struggle for power in that way. This movement from the”Renault wind returns”the advantage is not from imagination, but is for a–[Posts:kenzoogata・The article list to look at]

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