【Carlos Ghosn flee? (2/2)]Nissan national sovereignty does not reach a global company?

Bail a Deposit of 15 billion yen,Carlos Ghosn, the former Chairman of the class of business leaders is the extent of the problem and not the amount. And, in Lebanon, a few hundred billion yen of the amount, if gone the defendant to assist the investment you have to be willing to sponsor that would.

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The personal connections of supporters, was it? On a national scale of organizational support was it? In the future, obviously not all would be. In this sense, it is from Carlos Ghosn of such international people Japanese to welcome the international Affairs and potential to think,at the corporate level is responsible for this delay and all. Some of the regulation that is required of it.

Furthermore, the global economy, new capitalist”democracy”to disrupt you will. The global company is state power beyond the state, against the sovereignty having”national sovereignty does not reach”the reality,this incident is not about that.

As a Japanese,French employment have to be France・macro-President of speculation 座視 be, is understandable. Not even Japan, the employment of Defend You. But at the same time, Japan’s judicial”human rights violations”and suspected the system for that is needed. Police interrogation when all record”visualization”, and the lawyers present admitted, the term of detention not admitted to a production well would be needed.

From the trial, the trial of meeting minutes to the clerk for a”certified copy”is the only (or most influential) of absolute proof and not”recording”in such a visualization, the operation of the public about the awareness should. “The independence of judges・non-aggression”to protect the democracy of the base, the human”brain function”is derived from the technical problems there,”the judge of deflection”can be checked that the mechanism is necessary.

Also, the global society to be aware of, if the judicial system Human Rights a priority level to it,Japan is a democratic country and is to say. In the future, Japan’s judicial system reform debate,by the defendant to the perpetrators treated as a direction to the pressure of the prosecution from the increase would be,the Japanese Society of democracy and the ripening of the wishes to have.

And Renault and Nissan focused on the relationship between the benefits. It is the global corporate and state power,the”National Primary”in which all national sovereignty and the scope of consciousness is not. A global company at the helm of the managers of the state management that was shown to them.

I like the Japanese judicial system is the judge of good and global business owners are”privileged”and the like. No, income is privileged and can be seen. The disparity is a symbol of a global company is the”national sovereignty of the threatening”presence that you should be aware of the fact. (Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at)

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