【Dollar JPY・6 month 2nd week】heavy the upper limit of short・term buyer is at the mercy of and the market[technicalanalysis】

This week the dollar-yen, about the”heavy upper limit・short-term buyer is at the mercy of, and quotes”such a conclusion was.

【Previous】the【Dollar JPY・6 month Week 1】the inverse triad, formed from the rise of the market plunge. Press eyes?[Technicalanalysis】

●Macro environment of dollar yen
●Micro-environment of dollar yen

In this article,candlestick chart from a technical analysis dollar yen for next week’s prospects to think about.

【Macro environment of dollar yen long-term foot angle by dominating attention

Dollar yen month foot chart from the macro environment to look like this.

Most recently, last month it was not seen the level of skyrocketing prices expand. However, in less than a month in on beard and soared and plunged in canceling the result.

It is noteworthy that the upper limit to minimize the trend line of the angle.

In less than a month, in 2016 12 months from the awareness to trend line there. As well as the angle is the upper limit to minimize the trend line of this plunge last Wednesday analogous and overlapping.

This soared by short-term dollar yen buying forces are looked. On the other hand in of the monthly trend line by”Angle quotes the rule of”can recheck you.

And,the macro environment as well as the trend line on the lows unless the”bear market”. Trade to the time axis, regardless of the payment points to consider you would.

Dollar yen Weekly, the upper limit of the reduced pressure you can clearly see that. The Red Circle is a monthly trend line and the overlapping portion.

The trend line and price crosses the stage, the last week of the Yang line almost completely cancel out the movement 3 times can.

【Micro-environment of dollar yen]bargain a disadvantage. Plunge always alarming

Dollar yen daily foot chart from the macro-environment analysis as well.

Most recently,”falling wedge”pattern is established,on the exit from the rising phase. However, the daily level monthly trend line on a strong upper limit to the minimal.

This week’s pull about once a rebound as the Yang lines to form, and the strength is not felt.

USD JPY 4-hour chart, I value the movements look like.
Monthly・weekly・daily and selling preponderance of the deployment,and looking for the most recent return to the sales point.

4 hours on the feet, the falling wedge on the exit formed by the”reverse the neckline[just a lot of it]”the analysis of the material.

This week the market is, contrary to the neckline of the neckline is a horizontal line [light blue]and resistance line [red]in the moment, it’s just that.

Once the level of support the transformation you want to check the situation.

Next week is past neck line and movements closely, and the author as a return for sale want to consider. [Article: so@FX-based writer・The article list to look at]

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