【Dollar yen・4 on the 3rd week]USD JPY gradual decline in short-term rise in the possibility of the[technicalanalysis】

4 on the first week of the dollar the yen,a gradual decline in the look.

Last week,in the short term parallel channel, such as a certain regularity of the saw on sale in the advantage that scenario up.

【Dollar yen・4 on the 2nd week】expected volatility contraction of the market slowed[technicalanalysis】

The status quo is,time on the feet and parallel to the channels did not form. On the other hand,a gradual decline in the look of the place from the generally expected value of the movement has remained.

This week the dollar about the yen,”loose the price is going down, but once the payment to buy in the rising phase may be”such a conclusion was.

●Macro environment of dollar yen
●Micro-environment of dollar yen

In this article,candlestick chart from a technical analysis dollar yen for next week’s prospects to think about.
【Macro environment of dollar yen over the long-term perspective does not change

Dollar yen monthly order confirmation the remaining quarter between and was. In the present situation, and of the monthly index values to the price How is an important element.

✔3 months of the index values
●The opening 107. 385 yen
●The closing price of 107. 494 yen
●Low 101. 180 yen
●Closing price 111. 715 yen

From last week the above”index values”notable as that. At least the beard・the beard, the last month of the lower limit of the price range until you reach the macro environment into consideration no change.

Combined, the monthly level is a Yang line in a last month confirmed that more than,the macro environment is fractional to the dollar yen rise is the predominance of things to check for.

【Micro environment]regularity is distrust, and the look of the angle of the rule

Micro-environment, specifically the 4-hour rolling dollar yen technical analysis to. Look for the”angle control”only.

The dollar JPY 4-hour chart, the Red Line describes the angle the regularity as seen.

The most recent highs and tie,the same angle of the trend line lows to portray that look. The line between complex analysis and the”downward sloping channel”is visible.

Downward sloping channel, the bargain provoke and chart pattern. That is, the micro environment of the regularity from the”once in the short term, rising to greet”the possibility is there.

In fact, this week the dollar the yen and falling loosely from the fact that the settlement buy-induced and environment is potentially high.

Next scenario is the following: assume you want to.
●The dollar yen is once of rising to see the deployment
●Again fall sharply, also the lows do not update deployment
●Ultra-short-term rise to again decline to expand

The trend is clearly seen, the long-term・medium-term・short-term and the direction the feeling was not established but for now the short term only.

The difficulty of the high price environment, because the loss of the limited reduction Awareness Week for the Canadian focusing on the want. [Article: so@FX-based writer・The article list to look at]

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