【Dollar yen・5 on the 1st week】volatility reduced, if not only to market a feeling[technicalanalysis】

This week the dollar-yen, about the”volatility contraction is noticeable,short-term strategy to ensure all”such a conclusion was.

【Previous】the【Dollar yen・4 on Week 4】Sell in may? Short-term decline in the deployment[technicalanalysis】

●Macro environment of dollar yen
●Micro-environment of dollar yen

In this article,candlestick chart from a technical analysis dollar yen for next week’s prospects to think about.

【Macro environment of dollar yen long-term perspective is uncertain

Monthly dollar from the yen of macro-environment to analyze and”long-term perspective of the opaque”him.

And,on that”3 months of monthly”would. 4 months later, this candlestick from The Shape of the index values to fit the values that the movement was estimated.

●The opening 107. 385 yen
●The closing price of 107. 494 yen
●Low 101. 180 yen
●High 111. 715 yen

Similarly, the current dollar / yen volatility, to reduce the 3 month stability experiment deployment is 1 degree out……
That is, the long-term feet, the price in the vertical direction is determined not to say.

The last few years in the unit, the chart through the”descent landing・triangle”formation process,either in the timing of the 100 yen first half to try likely attention you want.

Time feet, dropping the dollar yen weekly analysis.

The red line in the 3 months since the volatility of the separated. And,the No the week the foot also outstanding in appear.

Most recently, the Yang Line 2 books[for 2 weeks]increased the price range of half to 5 Weeks”half”down. On the other hand,bought like movement without a medium-term buy strategy is not have.

As a result, the medium-to long-term perspective the deal is a difficult impression.
【Micro-environment of dollar yen】parallel channels in the small arteries can be followed

USD JPY daily chart, from the micro environment of the dollar yen analysis.

Last week’s scenario, the arrow portion of the lows in the short term through the decline there was. In fact, in the short term out of of The again 106 yen Taichung between the regression as.

Daily level of the extremely difficulty is very high.

Therefore, more short-term in hour strategy dollar yen is facing can be determined.

The time leg of the trade,and day trading・scalping your strategy is built and was recently dollars of yen.

4 months from the beginning,this article needs a”parallel channel”. This continues to be clearly functional.

Last month, the mid-and later, parallel to the channel centerline・maximum volatility is included.

This opaque sense of orientation in your trading to be parallel within the channel of the strategy is something. [Article: so@FX-based writer・The article list to look at]

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