【Dollar yen・5 on the 2nd week】not change the long-term perspective,change the medium-term perspective[technicalanalysis】

This week the dollar about the yen,”the medium-term, there is a rise in gain. The new deployment to expect.” Such a conclusion was.

●Macro environment of dollar yen
●Micro-environment of dollar yen

【Previous】the【Dollar yen・5 on the 1st week】volatility reduced, if not only to market a feeling[technicalanalysis】

In this article,candlestick chart from a technical analysis dollar yen for next week’s prospects to think about.

【Macro environment of dollar yen long-term perspective is the same. The US has the market maelstrom.

Monthly dollar from the yen of macro-environment to analyze and”triangular with us”is visible.

Long-term dollar-yen rate, the 3 month of the monthly index values is the next big milestone yet. This is also similar figures to share.

●The opening 107. 385 yen
●The closing price of 107. 494 yen
●Low 101. 180 yen
●High 111. 715 yen

5 on the 1st week of market analysis, as well as any price can reach even to the not of the Canadian of current.

Still dollars yen of long-term environment, a clear trend is not visible.

The form only if you look at the”data center design・triangle”shape of you can also see,most recently, the Canadian this form of denial can be focus.

107 yen range-and-a-half to try, the Outlook is bright going.

Time feet, dropping the dollar yen weekly analysis.

As a premise,the current medium-term downtrend is efficiency a bad thing should be borne in mind.

The downward trend of performance degradation is clear on the reason to exist. 3 months of 2 Week・3 week of the Yang lines.

Of the monthly from the horizon, large and bought 2 bottles of sun-ray by the”strong buy support”in the short term downward movement of the weights about.

Medium-term strategy, a temporary rise in turnover with a view to the advantageous to take May would.

【Micro-environment of dollar yen]the parallel channel through the possibilities

USD JPY daily chart, from the micro environment of the dollar yen analysis.

Last week’s analysis, the current dollar yen to the angle rule is regularity as you. Daily→time feet, and act parallel to the channel is backing you.

Continue parallel to the channel median line to consciousness in the form of dollars, yen, the lower the rate remained at.

Daily, the parallel channel functions on the other hand time the foot is”parallel channel on the out the possibility of”also can be analyzed.

4-hour chart to look downward wedge shape is why.

This week, the corona-virus by payrolls of the results was noted. The predicted value for the number of unemployed was less things positive consequences.

Parallel to the upper boundary of the channel aims to deploy,in the short term can be expected. The upper limit through a medium-term buy scenario, the number of months you might consider would. [Article: so@FX-based writer・The article list to look at]

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