【Dollar yen・5 On Week 5】direction of continuation,short-term perspective on it?[Technicalanalysis】

This week the dollar about the yen,”credit market continuing,a short-term perspective, the rise is reasonable”such a conclusion was.

【Previous】the【Dollar yen・5 on the 4th week】donation can be pulled from it as well as the deployment of the[technicalanalysis】

●Macro environment of dollar yen
●Micro-environment of dollar yen

In this article,candlestick chart from a technical analysis dollar yen for next week’s prospects to think about.

【Macro environment of dollar yen】clear volatility reduction

5 months of monthly is a Yang line under the beard and leave the form. This bought 5 the place to think that a minority would.

Impression as is,2 consecutive months volatility has shrunk, and large. 5 on the dollar the yen is,2 The Circle width as the variation is not.

The last month of the 3 circle width,from thin trading and was deployed.

“Data center design・triangle”shape, and 3 monthly feet of the four values is important and does not change.

●The opening 107. 385 yen
●The closing price of 107. 494 yen
●Low 101. 180 yen
●High 111. 715 yen

Volatility reduction and, with less than a month is 下目 line but surely your sense of orientation is not found still.

Dollar yen weekly chart and 3 weeks in a row Yang line with. On the other hand,was at the time・was when both the milestone is near Things want to understand.

Weekly level, medium-term bottom was Areas [light blue],the upper limit to suppress the trend line as well as at an angle of 3 books to draw.

Both the long-term trend rate is not expected to be.
【Micro-environment of the dollar yen a scenario through the buyer’s margins narrow

Daily later in the macro environment, Canadian changed. At the beginning of the Street”short-term 上目線”the macro environment is grounds.

Daily chart is,in the medium term there is a descending wedge out after keeping the rate of unfolding.

Most recently, the upper limit can be updated not lower your deployment is the daily chart can be analyzed.

4-hour chart, draw in a large bought the deployment was seen. Last week of the series, donations can be bought in・the only one to sell it to deploy was.

That is, when large bought the deployment of new changes to say. This few days, for the first time, the look of sun-ray that was also noteworthy.

Also, the sun-ray origin noteworthy points to say. This level bought in to the so-called”inverse triad[I see it]”the form of awareness and.

Of the left shoulder lows and the same level with the sun-rays next month, donations can be bought and the possibility is suggested.

On the other hand,weekly・monthly on the declining possibility of line・areas there are several of the current short term only.

The short-term perspective, as well as the settlement point is early to decide it would be a good idea. [Article: so@FX-based writer・The article list to look at]

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