【Dollar yen・7 April Week 5】”expected backlash”then how?[Technicalanalysis】

This week the dollar-yen,”the expected rebound, following deployment to assess aspects”such a conclusion was.

●Macro environment of dollar yen
●Micro-environment of dollar yen


In this article,candlestick chart from a technical analysis dollar yen for next week’s prospects to think about.

Also, this week’s analysis with regard to daily chart the”micro-environment”is specialized to deliver. “Macro environment”is a simple look back to a degree to fasten.

【Macro environment]”beautiful rebound rate”of the monthly horizon in the lower stopped

Dollar yen monthly is fixed. Monthly is concerned, when hung on a large sale from deployment was.
Here the number of months in the short term, the relatively volatility, blessed with quotes for you.

In less than a month is quite comprehensible point has rebounded. The past 4 time remained the same changes in rebound only.

This weekend is the time, the feet in the big rebound and subsequent pair of profit is a big loss would have been.

Last week’s Series,”sales is past, subsequent pairs is high risk”and concluded. And, at least in the medium-term sales at the end of the Orthodox approach would.

Week in the feet, and finally this week, a decline of 9 percent for canceling or picking up. Current status is”week to set up environment”and want to understand.

At least,next week is the rebound of deployment is likely mimic you.

【Micro-environment]next week the dollar yen is a notable places

Micro environment the dollar yen daily foot chart looking like this. And,next week onwards, focus, and 8 on the dollar the yen is”the status quo of the buying forces can it?” Would.

●Daily range of the lower limit of the expanded how much?
●Trend line upper limit to reduce it?
●Yang line of the entities leave a lot,to rise to it?

Daily, on the horizon is picking up, and the Yang line as much, and buying and selling is antagonistic state.

Therefore the above 3 is the focus for all.

1 second, the focus of the direction of Level go up? That was the point. 7 at the end of the month by hanging a large decline in the direction Blake is a factor.

Again range to the lower limit regression[from you]and support the transformation to verify that there is a movement to see the potential…….. it

The dollar yen, a trend line by the”angle control”is often seen.

The most recent highs・lows to connect the trend line as well as the angle of return in high form. In such scenarios you want.

Again the downward trend to continue, and the gradual angle of the trend to form a valid scenario.

Temporary bullish on the dollar the yen and Yang of the line entity you want to focus on. Daily base in many of the sun rays with your deployment.

However, the recent downward trend in the volatility is rich. Bearish→of the bull market deployment and trade of the difficulty is all the greater.

Press the eyes with the downward trend continuing and the way you can eyes from from. On your opinion, push the eyes is desirable. [Article: so@FX-based writer・The article list to look at]

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