【e? ]I received a bottle of "Black Nikka" that looks like a manufacturing mistake …

It is just the story of the other day. A bottle of "Black Nikka" whiskey arrived for me [Duck Cat]. This is not particularly unusual because the editorial department often receives product samples and the like. However…….

When you pick up the bottle that arrives, the label is obviously strange. Despite being written as "Black Nikka", the most distinctive points of "Black Nikka" are missing out. This is no way …Manufacturing mistake?

・ Is a bottle

Speaking of "Black Nikka" was drawn on the labelBearded uncleIs famous. The official name is "King of Blenders". It seems that it first appeared in 1965. He is a transcendent veteran. However, looking at the bottle that arrived …

No, where did he go …?!

What an uncle's picture is not printed on the label!見 I saw this for the first time. Are you waiting at home? However, while feeling awfully uncomfortable in the absence of the uncle, at the same time, I was thumbs up in my heart, "Oh, serious job!"Something smells of trouble.

So I decided to talk to the person in charge of Black Nikka who sent the bottle.

──Sorry, there is no uncle with a beard in the sent “ Black Nikka '', is this a manufacturing mistake or something !?

Person in charge"No, it's different! I was stolen by Lupine!"


In conclusion,It was an insane campaign.

・ Everyone disappears

Apparently, the bottles that are currently lined up in the store are missing the mustaches, as well as the ones that arrived at me. Really amazing! To be honest, about the story of Lupine"shut up"I don't think this is the case, but when it comes to Uncle's absence version of "Black Nikka", this is soberly valuable.

In recent months, the number of opportunities to drink at home has increased dramatically without going outside. I'm a little glad that the label has this kind of playfulness. Before you return [?], Why not buy one?

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