【For real? ]I tried to verify because the "electronic comic site with a point reduction rate of 60%" is suspicious

When you read manga, are you "paper" or "electronic"? The author was quite "paper-based", but my heart has been swaying since I heard some information. In this worldHow to read e-comics with 60% point reductionIs said to exist.

It's an amazing return rate of 60%, but is there really such a delicious story? It's hard to believe because it's the same as the amount of water contained in the human body. I wonder if it will be returned after 100 years. Or will it be given back to someone who has nothing to do with it? I'm very worried.

・The name is "Manga Kingdom"

When the author, who had a skeptical attitude, contacted me, a message came from an electronic comic site that is implementing the "60% reduction campaign" of the matter.

The site saysManga Kingdom"And the content of the contact isHow to receive "60% reduction"Was to explain in detail.

Since it's a famous site, I knew the name of "manga kingdom." Apparently one of the largest electronic comic stores in Japan, converted into comic booksCumulative 1.2 billion downloads exceededI heard you did it.

But that is questionable. Although it is an idyllic kingdom name, it is quite possible that the inside is corrupt. Let's examine the method taught by you, even in the sense of exposing the darkness.

First of all, you can purchase points to read comics at "Manga Kingdom". 100 points is 100 yen, 1000 points is 1000 yen, and so on.Redemption points are given, and you can also receive redemptions when using pointsThat.

Basically, the higher the point purchase/use, the higher the return rate. The maximum point purchase return rate is 20% [6000 yen] when you buy points for 30,000 yen. In addition, the maximum point use return rate is 25% [7500 yen] when using points for 30,000 yen.

That isIf you purchase and use points worth 30,000 yen, you will get a total of 13500 yen points for the purchase return of 6000 yen and the use return of 7500 yen.That's why. At this point, there is a great deal of value. However, it has not reached "60% reduction". This is where it matters.

・How to receive "60% reduction"

The "Manga Kingdom" site is said to be able to receive a maximum of 45% return, including the maximum purchase return rate of 20% and maximum use return rate of 25%. However, actually, if you use the tricks I will introduce,The return rate can be increased to 60%It's

First, you need to buy points worth 30,000 yen, which is the maximum purchase return rate. Next, use the points for 30,000 yen to receive the maximum use reduction. After that,Continue to aim for maximum return by using the points you have..

Roughly write down the whole procedure……

① Purchase points for 30,000 yen. Purchase return rate is 20%

[30000 points + purchase return 6000 points = total 36000 points] ↓
[2] Of the 36,000 points owned, we will use the points for 30,000 yen that can aim for maximum use return. 25% return rate

[Remaining 6000 points + 7500 points returned for use = 13500 points in total] ↓
③ In the same manner, use 10,000 points out of 13,500 points owned. 25% return rate

[3500 points left + 2500 points returned = 6000 points in total] ↓
④ Of the 6000 points owned, 5000 points are used. 20% return rate

[1000 points left + 1000 points returned = 2000 points] ↓
⑤ Use 2000 points. Return rate is 16%

[0 points left + 320 points for reduction = 320 points in total] ↓
⑥ Use 100 points. Return rate is 5%

[220 points left + 5 points for reduction = 225 points in total] ↓
⑦ Use 100 points

[125 points left + 5 points for reduction = 130 points] ↓
⑧ Use 100 points

[Remaining 30 points + 5 points returned = 35 points]

It looks like this. It looks complicated, but it's simple to do. As a result, the first point purchase return 6000 points and the point use return total of 11335 points are added up,Calculation that returns 17335 pointsbecome.

If you spend 30000 yen, you can get 17335 yen worth.Final return rate is 57.8%.. Strictly speaking, it's not 60%, but it's roughly 60%. By the way, the return points are basicallyImmediately after purchasing and using pointsIt seems to be done.

…………Isn’t that great?

Although the investment of 30,000 yen is necessary, the return rate is amazing again. And this campaign,Doing it every daySo it's scary.

I wrote that it exposes the darkness, but it was a big mistake. There is only light. It's a perfect light. Just because it was completely refuted, I feel sorry for the doubt. Is this the power of the "kingdom"?

・Cartoon lineup and 3 special campaigns

However, it was pointless if I thought that the lineup of "readable manga" was weak, no matter how good it was. "Manga Kingdom" sent to meRecommended titles nowIs as follows.

"Kaiki!! Otokojuku"


"Quiet Don"


"Knight of the Area"

strong. All the famous titles have no sound. Of course, these are just some of the works, and the entire store has a wide range of products, from popular to classics. The trial reading is also substantial, so that men and women of all ages can find their favorite manga.

In addition, in addition to the above-mentioned "60% reduction", in the "Manga Kingdom" during the period from June 22 to July 63 special campaignsTo carry out.

You can win a point redemption coupon with “1 luck trial once a day'', quintuple points come to the store every day during the period, a Twitter linked project that presents "whole comic of the desired volume" to 45 applicants With the start of, there are events that users are happy with.

I knew that it was a good deal. Don't hurt me anymore, I'll never doubt you. I will swear that I will never face the "Kingdom" again.

・Welcome to the electronic world

So, I have told you that the service of "Manga Kingdom" is extraordinary, but I think that not only the author but also the readers can understand its appeal.

To put it together simply,The more points you buy, the more you use"I'm saying that. A feature film such as the "Recommended Manga" mentioned above will be the target. It can be used from both PC and smartphone, so if you are interested please check the details on the official website.

When the benefits are so great, I am still attracted. When you want to get away from the boring daily life, let's go over the electronic sea to the "Kingdom".

Reference link:"Manga Kingdom" Official Site,"Best deals No.1" commemorative campaign

writing:Daiki Nishimoto

Photo: Rocketnews24.

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