【Honda S2000】20th anniversary minor net manual shifting of the appeal (2/3)


Honda・S2000, such as the high rotation type Engine,2-speed from the top of the gear ratio(gear ratio) and close (cross)need. It is valid, generate a torque of the rotational speed region is narrow from.

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To exert great power RPM range is a high rotation type engine is limited to the speed of the car according to the optimum engine rotational speed and a lot of gear ratio is required, and the frequent”shifts”need to occur.

Therefore, the S2000 such as the high rotation type engine loading the car to run fast to the driver to”shift”technique is required. In particular, the cornering technique is the hardest technique in the”driving fun”as well. “Hard fun”, and now even Honda S2000’s ardent fans is the reason for the existence of the other.

The manual・transmission(MT) is a multi-stage reduction even if the 6-speed is the limit of The seems,and the number of stages is advantageous as well. The modern DCT in 8 stage,10 stage, such as exists,what kind of a vehicle speed even if the engine efficiency is the most good speed at times can be like that. Recent low rpm type engine, mainly the fuel efficiency that was targeted.

■【3】suspension setup

Honda S2000 cars like the【1】【2】of the 2 Elements by”driving fun”, that’s is, it is the”suspension set”in bloom say very good of it.

The suspension set up that is the basis of the”body rigidity”and all that. The body is,so to some extent it is the twisting and vibrating that. When the suspension is working, the irregular body movement and harmonize it harder to find. Therefore, the body rigidity is higher,suspension and more.

The suspension set-up”the ride”is determined, and at the same time, the cornering such as at the time of the performance characteristics is determined by. Therefore, the manufacturer is the movement of your front wheels and rear wheels of the movement to attune to, such as irregular suspension of movement without it seems.

This is the body rigidity is not necessarily a body of strength and not proportional like the front and rear body of the shock transmitted to the control and stiffness without resorting to a suspension set up for that. And, the car”heavy weight”to that, it also of automobile manufacturing fundamental technology as important.

Here,6 month 26 days will be released the 20th anniversary of”Honda S2000″for genuine accessories try to introduce. Book Orders,2 month 20 days to start new.

・Front Aero bumper:9 million 6800 yen
This part is the most minor change would represent,the front appearance of the impression is quite varied.

・Trunk spoiler duck tail type:4 million 6200 yen
S2000 type S spoiler as the aerodynamic help is not so, the impression of that.

・Rear storage security:3 million 3000 yen

・Sports suspension (1 bunk set/500 sets only): 17 million 0500 JPY
This part is the most real performance involved in seems to have. 5-step damping force adjustment(front)can be”sport suspension”only.

・Audio card:8800 yen (2000 pieces only)

・Floor carpet mats (black or red):3 million 0800 yen

Foot light:1 thousand 3200 yen
LED tower in the opening and closing of doors to work with. Minor image to feel the item.

・Body cover-half Type:1 million 8700 yen

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