【Nissan what is wrong of it? (1)】Carlos Ghosn at a press conference said on the origin

Nissan performance lowering continues. Carlos Ghosn defendant arrested from time to time, Nissan’s performance has disappointed. The stock has halved,sales, dropping profit margins or long-press the URL below on your mobile device This is the”management responsibilities”as,Nishikawa, former CEO for Chicago former Chairman, after The took over of the management responsibility and.

【Here】【Carlos Ghosn flee? (1/2)】”fact is stranger than fiction” Japan’s judicial system criticized

This defense, however,”gone era in North America sales incentives to many too as if we can say”Well, it was after the measures have. Business performance in the doldrums, many elements may lack is not allowed.

Financial slump it is in,Carlos Ghosn before the Chairman of such charismatic managers lost so, naturally speaking of course. Currently such a risk as Carlos Ghosn kicked out come from Nissan of reason,”Renault and integration”yet.

If Renault and Nissan, have been integrated to France to shift their production from Japan, the employment of lose, Nissan’s own technology Renault will be flowing, Renault Nissan interior for the governance progress, the Nissan technology will be lost as it was.

Most Nissan through people, and for the Japanese government’s industrial policy as minus that was for sure. This epicenter, the France・macro-President of the French domestic political performance of the pursuit was. To counteract this, Carlos Ghosn of Rogue is a good chance you would have.

The government’s speculation to the prosecution of the shape would be. In that sense, Carlos Ghosn of”coup theory”is pertinent to.

Carlos Ghosn has committed a crime suspect is,how the content. Usually,in-house problem and will be dismissed that would be,特捜部 the movement of such incidents does not appear.

But Nissan France’s governing left to the Japanese government,the Japanese people as 座視 not. Shares of the law, of course, to the French government’s controlling stake is in great condition there is some normal way is not possible. So to do this was over,the prosecution of Japan・the government is criticized, even though they are not in the situation is.

Nissan at the time of the executives and,in addition to the choices made and understanding can. However, the Renault equity stake in seeking remedies for Nissan, the current strength from the difference between said stock in accordance with the logic of the”selfish”thing.

Nissan relief for Renault to leave by the Japanese government,at the time of the judgment of the sweetness in you. Here,the origin is you.

And Carlos Ghosn is a”victim”of the modalities is strong. Carlos Ghosn as person, even individuals with the power of traditional national scale of the conflict of interest is basic to you. (Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at)

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