【Series】6 months benefits of undervalued stocks introduction to (3) Tachikawa blind industry

■Series 3, first is the”Tachikawa blind industry”to introduce!

6 month to shareholders of Rights which you can get brand 113 brand name and many. Those stocks in the dividend yield and discount yield of the sum of the”total yield”is higher, the market-capitalization-weighted indexes tend to overweight overpriced securities, Fundamental Indexes There.

【Here】【Series】6 months benefits of undervalued stocks introduction to (2) Okura industrial

This is a 6 month to shareholders of rights to be determined brand name, from among the gainers can also be expected to be undervalued stocks to be introduced. The Series 3 times and this is Tachikawa blind industry (7989)only.

And undervalued shares as the basis for U.S. economists Benjamin Graham’s”the mix factor”was adopted. He is a”PER (Price Earnings ratio)×PBR(price / book value ratio-PBR)”for percentage of 22. 5 if the following conditions are undervalued and are judged. This is the U.S. market relative to domestic market conditions, taking into account half and 11. 25 the following standards as brand name had been selected.
Note: dividend yield, PER, such as used in the calculation of the stock price is 6/17 closing price at the time of the world.

■”Blind”and”screen”of the industry share in the 1st place

Tachikawa blind industry is,as its name suggests, the blinds between such partition and the interior of the product manufacture and sale to the manufacturer. Consolidated net sales of 8% or more to the interior business and accounted for. The main products are curtains, blinds, screens, curtain rails only. Among these blinds and screens are the industry share the 1-position,the curtain rail is in the 2-position and in the industry, our projects have.

These blinds such as housing not only for the office, and public information. “Many varieties・fast delivery of orders production”to the claim,in many domestic areas, from development to production, installation in an integrated manner to provide,as a rule, the products have stock or not can cost less as the company’s big strengths.

■Earnings structure is in good growth but the stock is”undervalued”

Tachikawa blind industry, the most recent share price 1,254 yen (6/17 closing price),market capitalization of about 260 billion yen. In 2019, 12-month period, net sales of approximately 420 billion yen (an increase of 7. 7%increase), operating profit of 43 billion yen (a 19. 1% increase), operating profit ratio 10. More than 2%, the earnings structure is also good.

For the current fiscal year(year 2020 12 month period) 1st quarter net sales of 10.7 billion yen (year-to-year comparison 0. 9% year on year), operating income of about 15 billion yen (the same 14. 0%increase), and this is steadily growing to be. The new corona virus infection expansion due to the economic downturn the company’s business also will have a significant impact, the Q1 earnings announcement at the end of the forecast about the change of not.

Thus, Tachikawa blind industry,blinds and screens and have a niche in the industry top share holding strength,steady growth and continues to blue-chip stocks, but the company of Graham’s mix factor is approximately 5. 4 times(PER8. 41 times,PBR0. 64 times * 6/17 closing price at the time), the reference half of the and very attractive price level as. Industry share,profitability,growth consider now, if the stock price is”undervalued”would be.

■Tachikawa blind industry shareholder is?

Finally Tachikawa blind industry shareholders about the introduction and. The company 6 as of the end of and 12 at the end of the respective shareholder for the vesting date is provided, 6 months is the minimum unit to 100 shares or more if”the company’s product purchase 1 Units,1 Unit 2,000 yen card present”and that unusual to shareholders only. And 12 as of the end of shareholder benefit is a minimum of 300 shares if the option card 1,000 yen given,retention is 3 years and the card the amount of the upgrade that have not been encouraging.

The company’s dividend yield is 2. 31%(6/17 closing price at the time),shareholder minutes and the combined total yield is approximately 2. 6%(preferential minutes to 1,000 yen,number of shares held 300 shares as calculated)and one of the first level. Dividends and shareholder benefits to enjoy,comes the rise in stock prices to prepare for any wonder.

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