【Swing production as this is not a new type of Corona infection(1/2)】Toyota”of 1 trillion yen loan facility”Overture

■Toyota”of 1 trillion yen loan facility”Overture

A new type of coronavirus a global epidemic[pandemic], the manufacturers are”swing production as this is not”situation is born. The production of the new corona virus infection expanding the parts supply will cause a factory within the infected person or which directly affected began.

【Here】Automotive factory production stopped in Japan to expand the new Corona in the overseas parts reach also

Toyota, Mazda etc in Japan, this production also”shutdown”to be decided. GM・Ford・VW, such as Bank borrowing, we have put. Japan’s Toyota,still a”1 trillion yen of credit lines”the only Bank in the Overture seems to have.

“Lehman’s class called”financial experts often,”Corona shock”it and there is no comparison,and no scale economy and destroy many would. Resources for”business”in the”human”had not moved from the saying the”money”in the stimulus, the market will not move. “The new coronavirus of the wonder drug and vaccine”can be developed, a spread of end is difficult enough that it cannot harm the surface.

In addition, China is the end for acting like that, but the regulations loosen it again and the infection started to expand and found no…….. Why not a magic bullet and there is no vaccine at present,”herd immunity”can be gained until an infected person to gradually increase from the methodology, it is the humanity of 60 ~ 70% of the infected wait to for that matter.

Meanwhile,”medical collapse”prevent to the extent spread of infection by suppressing many, and the spread of infection and cause is suppressed and a repeat of that. It for 1 year only this is doubtful. The next year, was postponed to the Olympics will be held, Day would follow this.

Also in the meantime, the economy is to protect, it can endanger the situation would. Medical collapse expect a short period of time to spread out that is more realistic and could. Humanity is,assume the worst about the”measures”that it is essential to. This is[whatshouldbeit?】Thinkofandimplementationofmeansandambiguityisfatalconsequencescan

■”New capitalism”is[whatshouldbeit?】

By the Japanese capital”Tokyo”is also a”lock-down [urban blockade]”proceeding could be considered started. Wuhan, China is strictly regulated, and”in Japan the issue of human rights and not,”she said. The maintenance of the law is also progressing, and the government is”request and indication”of level,”martial law”such as the punishment of strong and enforceable government does not have.

It is good or bad is another matter, as Japan’s current legal system is not backed only. However, it is still”do you?” The discussion should be epidemiological to the”protection needs”and the diet is recognized from the legislation should do. Then, the development of the”law”implemented operation when the”economic activity”and the harmony of think making. True”management”is needed that scene.

The automobile industry, the long battle and prepare from the”what should be?” And to think,this difficult to get out when reflecting on the future”what should be?” And again, you should ask yourself What do.

For this machine, the new capitalism”by 1% of the world’s people, mankind, the whole of the assets of the half to hold the”situation abnormal situation and a perspective that the world GDP of 4 to 6 times the funds of the Fund, such as in”operational”, and”the money game”as long as that economic structure by reviewing the economic activity as a matter of fact,”what should be?” Make.

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