【The iron is hot, strike】high-tensile steel sheet, noting the fuel efficiency(electricity cost)・handling improve weight reduction in

Fuel economy regulations are strict, the handling performance is the proposition that, in the EV started. However, the EV battery energy density is insufficient for the required cruising range to get that 150kg too heavy. The all-solid battery such as the development progressed,yet still expensive.

【Here】Small cars”safety-focused”buy in to”Mazda 3″ in Europe and North America excellent safety prove

So, from other industries to the automotive industry new entrants discourage some of the most advanced”know-how”to call the technology,the key to weight reduction only.

Of lighter fabric and materials are high performance resin,CFRP, aluminum, ultra high is it from the heterogeneous structural materials joining technology”multi-material model[steel with non-combined]”also rapidly being developed. Electric waves of up unexpected progress, but the most important technology, said technology just.

Among them”iron”in the automotive industry is familiar material, and the cost will be the cheapest and technically still has a lot of room for development left. In the”hot stamp”called hot forming quenching step is made to the member, the partial intensity change can technology is used.

Iron, the strength is strong and cracking and the toughness[viscosity force] to keep the not be able. The samurai sword, the blade has excellent strength,Ho land[of the same], or the spine side of the toughness with which the technology is used. Therefore the sword is slim and light, the sharp blade has not broken sword in there….

These technologies are to them, the body is also excellent in shock absorption structure, but also weight reduction success.

Recent automotive fabric, for example A・B・C-pillar, such as the intensity by raising the thickness of thin light weight as well,partially to intensity change,shock absorbing to be able to have.

Mazda 3, the joints spot welding, as well as partially adhesive and flexibility, making the vibration absorption and noise reduction features such as have to. Also, for automotive structural uses cold press steel sheet, the conventional 1180MPa class surpasses 1310MPa grade steel is used.

The cold press of steel in strength is possible, the Hot Press than the cost to be lowered. Aluminum or carbon, such as the research progressed,for the time being of the steel to increase strength can, if cost is the competitive edge that thing.

There is a rolling payout ratio on the need of realizing it to be blended trace elements[Nickel, Silicon, chromium and manganese, etc.] becomes a problem.

But automotive steel sheet,”the anti-corrosive zinc plated”is required. When, on the contrary hydrogen is generated as the iron and trace elements of grain boundaries into,”hydrogen embrittlement[not that I do]”phenomenon called, causing rust to occur faster.

So, the Mazda 3 is JFE Steel to ask,”annealing[or can be]”the process of devising by 1310MPa grade steel plate of the successful development of. “Annealing”is baked put a hardened steel material again is heated,the ductility slightly back technology. “The iron is hot, strike”as much as to say, yet development continues. [Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at]

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