【What's this? ]When I bought "Sushi no Oshizushi" in Toyama, a guy I had never seen before came out / Pattomi was "Noriben" I checked the identity of the mysterious sushi

Even though Japan is a small island country, there are cultural differences in each region. The noodles of udon are different, the ingredients of the ozoni are different, etc. At first, you will be surprised a little, but enjoying the differences will be the best part of your trip.

I met such a “surprise” the other day, but this time it was exceptional! In an area with Toyama Prefecture"Mushroom sushi"I've never seen anything about it when I bought it! I don't see any traps! *You should have bought sushi, but it's like a pasteCame out.

・ There is something different about the “Sushi no Oshizushi” bought at Uozu

“Sushi no sushi” I bought at a supermarket in Uozu. A square seaweed is well pasted on top of the rice cut into a beautiful rectangle. At first glance, there are no elements! *

I'm from Osaka [Sawai], I've seen sushi and battera at various restaurants, but this is the first time. It's more like paste than sushi. If it is the first time, it will be empty in the glue valve.

・ Where is the bag? Search results

Where is the strawberry in? When I picked up the slow sushi with chopsticks … there was!見 る There was a trap from the side!鯖 Seaweed → vinegared rice → salmon → vinegared rice, and the rice cake was sandwiched in vinegared rice.

The bonito is made from loose baked potatoes. A vinegared rice with a soft taste is wrapped in a bowl filled with jutsu and fat. The taste of vinegared rice is soft, but it is pressed tightly and the density of rice is amazing. Although it is compact, there is a response to eating and it is quite satisfying! Umm, delicious!

Furthermore, whether you hold it with chopsticks or grab it, it is also easy to eat without breaking down. It can be eaten without spilling with one hand, so it is perfect for meals while traveling or traveling. A sushi sandwich!

・ I asked local people!

Toyama sushi is interesting! I thought so and asked my friends, "Is this normal in Toyama?"“I've never seen it” from people west of ToyamaThe voice! Is this an area-limited super-local food? *

Let's go back to the beginning again. If you love Ai Uozu, you should know something … So I asked the store manager of “Super B-type store CANDY”, which has a store in the mall where I bought sushi rolls!  There is no doubt that local love is just making STAR UOZU T-shirts. Then …

“It's a major sushi in the Niikawa area of ​​Toyama Prefecture.
RatherThis shape is normalI thought.

Rather … normal !!!!

The Shinkawa area is mainly Uozu City and the surrounding Kurobe City, Nichizen-cho & Asahi-cho, Shimoshinkawa-gun. Apparently it is a local food in some municipalities in eastern Toyama Prefecture.

-I asked more!

Seriously! When asked the Uozu City Tourism Association to confirm the fact, it seems that it is a form of sushi unique to Uozu. Speaking of Uozu, “Shimurano Sushi” and “Sushi” are the two major places. Surely there was a lineup of these two pressed sushi in the supermarket!

Further investigation revealed that the sushi was served at ceremonial occasions in the Shinkawa district for a long time. It means that both adults and children have the opportunity to see something. I am sure that there was a call to “Shinkawa's Soul Food”.

The culture is different in one prefecture. So traveling is interesting. Even in the Shinkawa area such as Uozu, it is natural that it is a unique shape, so it may be presumed to be a special product from now on!

Report:Sawai Meg

Photo: Rocketnews24.

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