“令和 appliances Three Sacred Treasures”TV(4K/8K)and a refrigerator, robot vacuum cleaner

Panasonic, on the 8th announced the”home appliances trends and demand, and TV the use of the”survey,”according to 令和 appliances Three Sacred Treasures”TV[4K/8K]and a refrigerator, robot vacuum cleaner was found to be. One electric refrigerator,electric washing machine, TV[Black and white] to”3 types of Sacred Treasures”and I called when there was,the times have changes, innovation background in high-performance were the necessities of life to the roots of the strong popularity of the people.

【Here】Refrigerators and washing machines,higher even sell”white goods”secret

Studies in 2019, 12 months, men and women 600 people over the Internet for done. First”令和 appliances Three Sacred Treasures”think of us in a TV[4K/8K]and the answer of the person around you is 45%and the top. A whole generation in the 1-position occupied, and the new 4K8K satellite for the high level of interest shown. 2nd place in the refrigerator to 37%, a 3-position robot vacuum cleaners at 27%. Any two-income households, such as increased background, the investigation is analyzed.

The”recently considering purchasing home appliances”of No. 1 is before us and the same TV[4K/8K], 20s and 30s each 20%of young people with a high ratio on the other hand, in the 60s at 25%and a relatively high ratio was. 2-position the refrigerator,the 3-position is entered.

“TV frequency”is,75%of people”every day look”and answers. “Is not every day you see people”, adding 90%to the back. “Small appliances”one [1] refrigerator 95%[2] microwave 94%[3] cooker 87%and the food-related is accounted for. Opposition to”the Essentials in home appliances, buying a”reason”to enrich lives”and there is the reply to the top was.

2018 in 12 months from the broadcast began. The current HDTV broadcasting, compared to 4K is 4 times the 8K is 16 times the Pixel number is many,large, high quality images to enjoy. Newspaper TV column, 4K,8K mark. Broadcasting services promoting advancement of the Association and, according to this broadcast, you can see that the number of devices, the broadcast of which began 18 years 12 at the end of the 45 million units from 19 in 11 at the end of 270 million. [Article: the clear・The article list to look at]

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