新型肺炎 of infection increased only telecommuting to direct companies to increase

maia said,

Domestic 新型肺炎[COVID-19]of infected people multiple been confirmed,厚労相”China and directly related to, and where the infected from the cases of nationwide, 5 locations came out”[NTV]And speak to situations[in short the city infected]by company telecommuting to direct cases is increasing.

GMO is quickly telecommuting transition for[Past articles],Come here for an extended period,ending time undecided [seeNikkei]. JT is 1 month 27 date,In Japan, employees nearly 7500 people to telework proactively notifying you. Dwango is 17 to 21, theApproximately 1000 people of all employees to telework and telecommuting implementation. Schroder management [Tokyo・Chiyoda]employees[100 persons], whereas theWeek 17 the principles from telecommuting.

Or Yahoo100 people more than attending meetings prohibited.

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