終活 business of multifaceted to achieve the Kamakura Shinsho of

I 2018 Years 11 months 2 Days University of Finance and Economics newspaper:Economic and industrial field””終活”useful Kamakura Shinsho e-Commerce business of an article entitled”Post. Among them 1 line too”personal development planning and a new form has emerged, enabled the company to have the inevitable it would be a challenge”and pointed.

【Here】“終活”useful Kamakura Shinsho of the e-Commerce business

The most recent”What Not”I think,many years, is a Prime example of the legwork for you.

The simple funeral service-oriented to the flow of the Kamakura Shinsho,”the personal development planning of the United States to promote optimal women can choose how to provide you that. Or personal development planning of the saucer, as a farewell party of ETC even”with.

“The farewell party”is ending the business responsible for the company’s new business. Web businesses business development for Kamakura Shinsho and producer business. “Personal development planning attended by friends and acquaintances can gather,what the farewell party is the most deserving of the””summary・time・people・budget”, etc., the producer is directly proposed to achieve that.

For example, this farewell party is being run did you know that. The deceased, a former boys baseball coach. Baseball ground to resemble an altar,the ceremonial first pitch was made to be.

Shimizu 祐孝 President”of the traditional business and the synergies expected. Business way is different but has high affinity”for. “A good inheritance”and have business to the Internet. Staff after the funeral of inheritance”about the expert[conjunction],”introduction to a various answer. “It’s an extension of care, insurance, and real estate related 終活 of worries exists. These comprehensive support to various business expansion and comprehensive”終活 infrastructure companies”gears”and it was.

The bandwagon to the features of the sure about the facts from the Did you know.

This year 4 month 1 days in the corporate industry is a”young women President the sincere efforts of the Marine 散骨 such as”終活””The heading of the article posted.

Details are omitted, but in ‘ 07 Murata only Mr. established house boat wrote about. “A cruise ship in the ocean 散骨 services”rapid growth in Nakano enterprise. 200 companies over a funeral home and a network which connects. It’s no house boat Kamakura Shinsho is housed under the umbrella for. Beat hands steadily beating proof that.

Underfoot as the challenges of the new corona virus infected person of the death of the funeral of the nature there. Already this online service can provide that. “And a tomb:online and tombs tours・counseling services””a good monk:online memorial service””inheritance and:online, a meeting””no altars:an online store tour・consulting service”.

Buddhist altar from the”portal site”of the aggressive stand out for Kamakura Shinsho, the new phase of 止揚 so you can view. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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