[通貨オプション]Regulation is 3 weeks low risk, cautious retreat

*00:29JST [currency options]volatility is 3 weeks low risk, cautious retreat

Dollar・yen options market volatility is the day decreased. Dollar・yen the range is narrow and the risk years of retreat in the options sold is dominant, the volatility is 3-week lows and was.

Risk Service is JPY call spreads daily shrinking. Dollar・yen traders took profits to hedge for the purpose of yen call buying is receding, while the yen 先安 feel the yen along with top buyers to become stronger, the yen call spread is 3 weeks minimum and was.

・1 months 12. 57%⇒11.23%[08 years 10/24=31.044%] ・3 months 10. 89%⇒10.11%[08 years 10/24=31.044%] ・6 months 9. 86%⇒9.38%[08 years 10/24=25.50%] ・1-year 9. 20%⇒9.04%[08 years 10/24=20.00%,21.25%=98 years 10 months, the highest since]

■Script on the server[25-Delta yen call] ・1 months+4.42%⇒+3.99%[08 years 10/27=+10.90%] ・3 months+4.63%⇒+4.2%[08 years 10/27=+10.90%] ・6 months+4.76%⇒+4.33%[08 years 10/27=+10.71%] ・1-year+4.65%⇒+4.33%[08 years 10/27=+10.71%]《KY》

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