1.5 times faster than conventional! High-performance Wi-Fi router at a reasonable price

A Wi-Fi router that is indispensable as a means of connecting to the Internet from a smartphone or laptop. However, do you know that even with the same Wi-Fi router, there are differences in the communication speed and the number of units that can be connected depending on the product.

This time,Wi-Fi router "Archer C80" that has better communication speed and connection number than conventional products at an affordable priceI will introduce.

For a more comfortable internet environment

This Wi-Fi router looks the same at first glance, but its performance has a huge impact on the Internet environment! With this "Archer C80", cospa is very excellent while having various performances!

For a more comfortable internet environment

Rich functionality

The "Archer C80" has high performance such as automatic switching between the fast 5GHz band and the general 2.4GHz band, and the ability to optimally and broadly send radio waves to terminals.

Rich functionality

Double the number of connected units

Until now, the recommended number of units used was about 15, but this time the "Archer C80" can be used more than twice, 36 units! Not only PCs and smartphones but also game consoles, home appliances, and IOT devices that connect to Wi-Fi will increase in number.

Double the number of connected units

Parental control and guest network settings

"Archer C80" is equipped with a function to regulate the daily communication volume and a function to temporarily release the Internet to another person.. It can be used in homes with children to set the internet time for one day and to provide guest Wi-Fi when visiting guests.

Parental control and guest network settings


The "Archer C80" is currently available at a manufacturer's selling price of 5,400 yen. If you are using an old Wi-Fi router, why not try introducing it to review your network environment!

Learn more about Archer C80 →TP-Link WiFi wireless LAN router 1900AC standard 1300+600Mbps MU-MIMO beamforming iphone SE compatible 3-year warranty Archer C80/A

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