1.5TB memory self-made possible? Apple releases video of “Mac Pro” memory expansion and MPX module addition method

New modelMac Pro』You can add memory yourself!

Video release of memory expansion and MPX module addition method

Apple Japan has released two videos on the YouTube channel: how to add memory to the new Mac Pro and how to add MPX modules.

The new Mac Pro became a hot topic with 1.5TB of memory, but it can be expanded by itself as well as when ordering.

In other words, you can make your own monster machine with 1.5TB memory (limited to the memory part)! !

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Can you load 1.5TB of memory yourself? Can't pile up?

If this happens, is it cheaper to load it yourself? Is it cheaper to order from Apple? That ’s right.

The memory of the new Mac Pro is "2933 MHz DDR4 ECC compliant DIMM memory"Is specified.

Since there are 12 memory slots, if you add all 128GB memory to this, it will be 1.5TB.

So I tried to find out how much “2933 MHz DDR4 ECC compliant DIMM memory” is.Price.com”Was not found. 64GB memory is the limit.

OnceASKULI found 128GB memory of 393,833 yen (excluding tax). However, this is a bit off from the conditions because of “2666 MHz”.

For now, twelve of the above memories are 393,833 yen x 12, 4,725,996 yen. If you order from Apple, it costs 2,750,000 yen.

It seems to be quite difficult to add 1.5TB by yourself, cheaper than Apple, according to the conditions.

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