1 month of business confidence,4 consecutive months in deterioration in overseas trends, and a mild winter in the Teikoku Databank survey

Teikoku Databank is the 1 month diffusion indexes, announced the overseas economic slowdown and the mild winter such as the background, the 4 consecutive month the index has worsened because of the.

【Here】In 2019 the Department store sales,2 consecutive years of decline in 10 months after substantial decrease in the inbound record

■Diffusion Indexes is 4 months in a row worse

5 days,Teikoku data Bank is 1 April of the survey year. 1 month of the economic DI [Trend Index] is 41. 9 in 2019, and 12 months of 42. 5 from 0. 6 points decline,19 years 10 months from 4 consecutive months in the worse was.

American and Chinese trade talks of the agreement and 5G [5th generation mobile communications system]for the movement is positive and that on the other hand, a mild winter due to seasonal demand and agricultural decline,the overseas economic slowdown such as the manufacturing downturn in China’s development of 新型肺炎 the increase in fuel prices, such as minus factors.

■Olympic effect in the demand for advertising is strong

Industry different from the previous month is an improvement and deterioration in the industry’s half was. Improved industry financial [1 month:44.8, with a rise of 0. 3 point increase, the same below], Real Estate [45.9, 1.7 point increase], retail [36.3,0.5 point increase], services [49.5,0.7 point increase], other [42.7,1.0 point increase].

Services Bay Area advertising-related demand, along with the temperature increase the growth in sales was Golf as a result that.

■A wide range of industries, labor costs increased

Worse for industry, agriculture・forest・fishery [1 month:38.4,compared to the previous month:3.3 points less, the same below], construction [50.0, 1.6 point decrease], manufacturing [37.6,1.0 point decrease], and wholesale[37.9,0.5 point decrease], transport and warehouse [39.5, 3.1 points less].

The construction is for housing starts to decline,the mild winter due to snow removal demand reduction, such as labor costs soaring due. Transport・Warehouse in the labor shortage caused by others, manufacturing and construction, such as the downturn in cargo movement is stagnant and the like.

■Mild winter in the Tohoku and Hokuriku doldrums

Scale of enterprises, the large companies [1 month:45.3,compared to the previous month:0.4 point decrease, the same below], small and medium-sized enterprises [41.1,0.5 point decrease] and small businesses[41.4,0.7 point decline] none of the worse. All of the scale, a deterioration of 4 consecutive months.

By region, South Kanto[44.5, 0.2 point increase] and Kyushu[45.2,0.1 point increase] only improved,other 8 regions is worse was. Especially in the Northeast [38.5,2.1 point decrease], Hokuriku[37.5,1.9 points less]in the worse width was greater. Warm winter by the snowplow decline and associated downturn were a factor.

■”The gradual retreat continues,”the prospect

2 on the economy of the DI forecast is 1 month from 0. 4 points decrease of 41. 5. After 3 months the flat to down in most economic downturns, predict, and six months later 7 months to 40. 1, after 1 year of 2021 years 1 month 38. 5 to fall to and watching.

Positive as the Tokyo Olympics etc and there is of course, negative factors are many. Overseas economic developments the biggest risk factor and one 新型肺炎 the expansion of the American and the Chinese trade disputes,the UK of the EU after withdrawal of the deployment,the situation in the East is also down. Other fuel price increases caused by labor shortages cost the company more,visit our a temporary decrease, the prospects for a gradual retreat will continue. [Article: Township, Changhua County momentum・The article list to look at]

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