1 month of corporate bankruptcies number of cases 773 cases,5 consecutive months plus Tokyo Shoko Research survey

Tokyo Commerce and Industry Research 1 month of bankruptcy presented the situation,the number of bankruptcies are 5 consecutive months in the year plus he was a labor shortage related to the number of bankruptcies is increasing and was found to.

【Here】In 2019 the number of bankruptcies during the financial crisis since 11 years, Tokyo Shoko Research survey

■Number of bankruptcies are 5 consecutive months compared to the same period the previous year plus

10 October,Tokyo Shoko Research is 1 of the month the bankruptcy situation was announced. In 2020, 1 month, nationwide corporate bankruptcy[debt amount is 1,000 million yen or more]number,compared to the same month the previous year 16. 0%increase from the 773 I was. 5 months consecutive, and this is about 11 years of this.

Total debt is the same 25. 9% to 1,247 3 billion,400 million yen. My new system[debt amount:120 billion, 8,400 million yen],Unica[the 112 billion], including 100 billion yen exceeded that of large-scale bankruptcies of medium-sized corporate bankruptcies decreased for the cause. However, small enterprises and micro enterprises the bankruptcy of a whole of 7 percent over the trend has not changed.

■Service industries such as the 7 industries over the year plus

Industry another number of bankruptcies in the most of the service sector other 262 cases [compared to the same period the previous year:31.0 percent, the same below]. The wholesale trade is 129 cases [51.8%], and construction of 119 cases [5.3%], and retail trade is to 100[the previous year], manufacturing is 85 cases [6.3%increase], and the like, and 10 out of the industry 7 industries in the number of bankruptcies was a plus.

Different centers in 9 districts all had. This is the 2008 12 months since of this. Especially in the northeast of 47 cases [compared to the same period the previous year:about 1. 8 times, the same below], China with 32 cases [52.3%], and Chubu has 107 cases [18.8%increase] and greater increase. The following is the Shikoku 14 cases [16.6%], and Hokuriku regions, and 22 cases [15.7%], and Kanto is 267 cases [9.4%], and Kyushu 67 cases [8.0%], and Kinki is 196 cases [5.9%increase] by.

■The labor shortage related to the bankruptcy of the number to record highs

Out of this labor shortage associated with the number of bankruptcies decreased by 83. 3%, an increase of 55 cases was. This is in 2019, 12 months of the 51 cases surpassed,in 2013 the start of the survey since most often the number have become.

The breakdown and were the most”successor difficult”in 36 reviews. The”求人難”with 10,”personnel costs”skyrocketing, but the 5,”employee retirement”in 4 reviews was. Industry the most was the construction of 14 cases. Some in the wholesale trade and service industries other than 9 times,manufacturing and transportation industries is to 8,retail 4 reviews become such as that.

2019 and 4 September from 20 years 1 month of total number of 389 cases. Record number was 2018 fiscal year of the 399 cases to the 10 difference between and imminent from that, the rest 2 months to record its sure to be regarded. [Article: Township, Changhua County momentum・The article list to look at]

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