1 month of foreign visitors to Japan,1.1%, a decrease of 266 million 4 consecutive months minus South Korea 59. 4% reduction

The Japanese government tourism Bureau announced that from South Korea, Japan, and the number of customers is halved by 1 month the number of foreign tourists to Japan in 2019 10 from the Month 4 consecutive months in the same month last year, the ratio was negative it was found.

【Here】The hotel industry,7 years of continuous growth of tourists, the tailwind overseas promotion and invigorated

■4 consecutive months in the last year cracking

19, the Japan National Tourism Organization [JNTO] is 1 on foreign number of customers[estimated]announced. 1 month of foreign tourists number is decreased by 1. 1% to 266 million 1,000 people in 2019, 10 March from 4 consecutive months,1 month and 2 years was negative.

■The Spring Festival ahead of schedule in South Korea unless the Asian region is strong

Country・region were the most in China, compared to the same period the previous year 22. 6%, an increase of 92 million 4,800 people. Some in Taiwan are 46 million 1,200 people[compared to the same period the previous year:19.0% increase, the same below], South Korea 31 million 6,800 people[59.4 percent], Hong Kong is 21 million 9,400 people[42.2%], and America is 11 million 7,300 people[13.7 percent], Thailand 11 million in 2,500 people[21.4%], and Australia is 8 million 5,300 people[5.2 percent],the Philippines 5 million 3,600 people[48.9%increase] Vietnam 5 million, 400 people[42.5%], and Malaysia has 4 million 4,800 people[42.7%increase], such as which have become.

South Korea the Asian region all countries and regions drastically increased in recent years and, as a result, China, Taiwan, beginning with the Philippines, Malaysia, etc in 1 month as record number of international visitors to Japan become. This is a new, American Airlines, and last 2 month was the Chinese New Year is 1 month ahead of schedule was the impact of this. By Country・region, Australia and France [7.7% increase], single-digit growth remain, except for a lot of area in 2-digit percentage growth as well.

■South Korea and Germany minus

Country・region was negative for Korea and Germany [1 million to 1,200 people, compared to the same period the previous year 1. 4 percent]only. South Korea is the downturn in the economy and the Japan-Korea situation by the impact of the reductions and suspension is increasing, and from South Korea popular travel destination of Vietnam as the name of the going up.

Germany is the traditional visit to Japan less in demand period well into the economic slowdown trend caused by the cruise of the German tourists have decreased and the like.

■The Spring Festival ahead of schedule and the new corona virus the effect of

From Korea the number of international visitors to Japan is nearly half the foreign tourists in the total number of to the South Korea, the proportion of the 2019 1 month of approximately 29% from 20 years 1 month to about 12% In declined. On the other hand China is about the same from 28% to about 35%,Taiwan is about the same from 14% to 17% increase. However, East Asia as a whole is the same from 77% 72%declined.

2 months later, the”China market, mainly COVID-19[new corona virus infection] of overseas travel demand, which is a concern that”in addition to the Spring Festival ahead of schedule that there was a decline, from the width of the expansion is not expected. [Article: Township, Changhua County momentum・The article list to look at]

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