1 on 2 days of the NY foreign exchange summary

*05:31JST 1 on 2 days of the NY foreign exchange summary
2 days in New York in the Forex market the dollar・yen, 108 yen 79 sen from 108 yen 21 sen or fell over you.

US bond yields has declined and the dollar sell yen, as it sought for. However, the people’s Bank of China and the economic support of financial institutions Deposit reserve ratio lowered from playing the President in the U.S. Phase 1 of the trade agreement’s official signing on October 15th to conduct and remarks received growth expectations increased, the decline is also limited and not was.

The Euro・dollar,1. 1203 from $ 1. 1164 dollars fell closed. The US market Triple high, as it sought for.

The Euro・yen is 121 yen 78 sen from 120 yen 98 sen or decline.

Pound・dollar,1. 3197 from $ 1. 3116 dollar fell.

Dollar・Swiss is 0. 9690 online from 0. 9733 French rose.

[Economic indicators] ・Rice・12 September manufacturing PMI revised:52.4 [forecast:52.5,preliminary:52.5]・Rice・last week minutes initial jobless claims:22.2 million [forecast:22 million,previous:22.4 million←22.2 million]・rice・unemployment insurance continuation benefit recipients: the number of 172.8 million [previous:172.3 million←171.9 million]


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