10 cm behind! Front mission in short missions | Skyline hardtop 2000GT Vol.3 with L20 turbo for HR30

The HR30 Skyline's L20E-T type turbo engine is normal, so if you simply say the power, it is not as high as the L28 type high tune engine or the RB type remount. However, sufficient power and torque have been added to the original body, and the safety and comfort of the injection specification have been secured, making it a finish that anyone can ride easily.

 The engine, which is the heart of the car, is the same L shape as the original, so you can enjoy the unique riding taste of the old car without changing it, and it also leads to cost reduction. The L20E-T type replacement that perfectly balances performance, comfort and security, as well as the unique taste of old cars, allowing you to ride comfortably in a modern car society. This is new!

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