10 day US market digest:Dow 27 dollar, FOMC announcement to refrain from all together

*07:45JST 10 days of the US market digest:Dow 27 dollar, FOMC announcement to refrain from all together
■NY stocks: Dow 27 dollar, FOMC announcement to refrain from all together

U.S. stock markets decline. The Dow average is 27. 88 dollar of 27881. 72, the NASDAQ is 5. 64 points cheap 8616. 18 trade in the end. Selling ahead of tomorrow’s FOMC(Federal Open Market Committee)and on the 15th, a deadline that China added tariff measures of trends and speculation, from lower to reduce the width even if the deployment was. Sector technology hardware & equipment and pharmaceuticals & biotechnology are rising while Real Estate and materials fell.

The video streaming of Netflix(NFLX), some analysts and investment decision lowered to receive the decline. Media and communications of Comcast(CMCSA)in the coming year, to start the video distribution service to 2 years of investment of about 20 billion dollars for the month, showing the financial pressure from concerns about weak sales. On the other hand, Auto Parts retail AutoZone(AZO)financial results expected on the back of it rose.

Rounds National Economic Council Director Chairman of Brazil and Argentina against steel・aluminum-tariff measures in respect,at the moment of decision is nothing said.

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■New York exchange:

10 days of New York in the Forex market the dollar・yen, 108 yen 51 sen from 108 yen 77 sen has risen by over for. The new chief of staff Agency and Program National Economic Council Director(NEC) Chairman is still the”add tariff choices”and said that in the U.S., of the Wall Street Journal that”the U.S. is 15 days additional duty and the imposition of a postponement to consider”and reports, and the United States・Mexico・Canada agreement (USMCA) The amendment in the agreement as received on trade-related uncertainty is to pay the just began this in the United States,U.S. bond yields to rise, with the dollar buying and yen selling, but the dominance was.

The Euro・dollar,1. 1074 from $ 1. 1098 the dollar will rise up as closed. Good Germany of 12 September ZEW Economic Expectations Index good for buying euros is continuing.

The Euro・yen is 120 yen to 23 yen per share 120 yen 69 Qian rose. Good Chinese inflation indicators and the trade policy of opacity is get rid started risk appetite of the yen selling is predominant and was.

Pound・dollar,1. 3155 from $ 1. 3215 dollar will rise. Dollar・Swiss is 0. 9874 francs from 0. 9834 France fell.

■NY crude oil and a rebound in 59. 24 dollars, the improving demand expectations for the rest

New York crude oil futures 1 month contract and restitution(NYMEX crude oil January 1, as long as the closing price:59.24 ↑0.22). New York Mercantile Exchange(NYMEX)WTI futures 1 month as long as the previous day compared to+0. 22 dollars for 1 barrel=59.24 a dollar in regular trading ended. After-hours trading, including the trading range is 58. 52 dollars−59.25 USD. International trade environment and improvements can not be expected from normal trading after the start of 58. 52 dollars was sold, the improving demand expectations for the remaining, $ 58 by the mid-near the bargain that was.

■Major US company’s closing price

Brand name name⇒close⇒the day before the ratio (percentage change)

Bank of America(BAC) 33.53 USD +0.02 USD (+0.06%)
Morgan Stanley(MS) 49.67 USD +or $ 0.07 (+0.14%)
Goldman Sachs(GS) 221.88 USD +or $ 0.07(+0.03%)
Intel (INTC) 56.59 USD +0.06 USD (+0.11%)
Apple(AAPL) 268.48 dollar +1.56 USD (+0.58%)
Alphabet (GOOG) 1344.66 dollars +1.10 dollar (+0.08%)
Facebook (FB) 200.87 USD -0.47 dollars (-0.23%)
Caterpillar (CAT) 142.87 USD +0.04 dollar (+0.03%)
Alcoa(AA) 20.65 USD +0.40 USD (+1.98%)
Wal-Mart (WMT) 119.14 USD -0.22 USD(-0.18%)
Sprint(S) 5.34 USD -0.06 dollars (-1.11%)《SF》

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