10 days of the JGB market overview:bond futures 152 yen 26 sen in the end

*18:56JST 10 days of the JGB market overview:bond futures 152 yen 26 sen in the end

JGB futures in 2019, 12 months limited
Donations 152 yen 30 sen high 152 yen 43 sen lows 151 yen 86 sen over 152 yen 39 Qian
Trading volume total 67243 pieces

2 years 407 times -0.125%
5 years 141 times -0.105%
10 years 356 times -0.020%
20 years 170 times 0.280%

Bond futures 12 month limit,152 yen 30 sen start trading. 5-year bond auction to give the seller upfront and as a result were weak from the sale further strengthened,151 yen 86 sen is lowered. Then buy back the movement spread, and 152 yen 43 sen or rebounded. Cash bond trading, the 2-year Treasury sold 5-year bonds,10 year bonds,20-year bond is bought.

2-year bond is 1. 60%, the 10-year bond is 1. 81%, 30-year bond is 2. 24%to the lowest level.
Bond yields are somewhat lowered. [The property value]

< Other foreign bond market・the 10-year bond>
German government bonds-0.30%,UK bonds is 0. 78%,Australian 10-year bond is 1. 10%,NZ10-year bond is 1. 51%. [The property value]

[Today’s major political・economic events] -19:00 Germany・12 October ZEW Economic Expectations Index[expected:0.3, 11 months: -2.1] -22:30 Rice・7-9 month period the non-agricultural sector labor productivity changes the value[annualized forecast:-0.1%,the preliminary estimate:-0.3%] -03:00 U.S. Treasury 10-year bond auction
・The Federal Open Market Committee [FOMC,11 days] 《KK》

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