10 days of the NY market.

(NYDow・NasDaq・CME (table))

NYDOW;27791.44;+357.96 Nasdaq;10968.36;-42. 63CME225;22495;+155(OSE ratio).

(NY market data)

10 days of the NY market.. The Dow average is 357. 96 dollar 27791. 44 dollars, the NASDAQ 42. 63 points cheap 10968. 36 points in trade to end. China’s good economic data and the US employment-related indicators exceeded expectations for the global economy recovery period of wait has made. Also, Trump the President for additional fiscal measures, the President signed a decree that was welcomed. The Chinese government is the US Senate lawmakers, including 11 people subject to retaliatory sanctions announced,Trump the regime of the Ministerial exclusion order,U.S.-China conflict, serious concerns have eased. Cyclical stocks rise of the towing pull to increase that deployment was. However Trump by the President of the Chinese app TikTok and WeChat presidential decree banning the influence of tech stocks remain weak. Sector, the automotive and auto parts rose on the other hand, software and services fell. Chicago Nikkei 225 futures liquidation value is Osaka compared to 155 of the yen’s appreciation 22495 yen. ADRS of Japanese stocks is Nintendo<7974>Sony<6758>Softbank G<9984>Is pallid others,Toyota<7203>, Fanuc<6954>In the<9983>, Honda<7267>HOYA,<7741>Fujitsu<6702>, Eisai<4523>, Komatsu<6301>OMRON<6645>TDK<6762>Such as,flows to East the testimony of the comparison ($1 per 105. 94 yen equivalent) in a General firm. 《FA》

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