10 months of business confidence,tax increases and natural disasters in 3 months deteriorated to the Teikoku Databank survey

Empire data Bank 10 on economic trends announced,the consumption tax hike and impact of natural disasters, such as in the retail business is significantly deteriorated, as well as many other industry even worse was found.

■Diffusion Indexes is 3 months minus

6, the Teikoku data Bank is 10 month’s economic trends survey results announced. 2019 year 10 months of the economic DI [Trend Index] from the previous month 1. 1 point reduced of 43. 9, and 3 months deteriorated.

America and China’s trade friction to mitigate the expected rise in stock prices and a upsurge is positive and,10 months from consumption tax and,Typhoon and other natural disasters,overseas economic slowdown and export slowdown and investment willingness of decline, the construction of the downward trend, the labor cost burden, such as minus factors.

■The retail industry is significantly worse

Industry economic DI in the agricultural・forest・fishery is 42. 3 [M / M 0. 5 point increase], the other is 43. 1 [same 1. 0 point increase], this 2 industry only improved.

On the other hand Finance is 45. 4 [the same 0. 4 point decrease], construction 52. 1 [same 1. 0 points reduced],real estate is 45. 9 [the same 2. 1 point decrease], and manufacturing is 40. 3 [the same 0. 3 point decrease], wholesale 39. 9 [the 1. 5 points decrease], retail is 37. 0[The 5. 6 point decrease], Transport / Warehouse 44. 9 [the 1. 1 point decrease], and the service is 50. 6[the same 0. 4 point decrease] and worse.

3 months significant deterioration was in the retail industry, the consumption tax up to the purchase and the decline in demand following the front-loaded increase have been waning, and natural disasters have affected. 5. 6 points of minus the width since the survey started, the 3rd largest in numbers, sales tax is 8%up to 2014 was 4 months [10.7 points decrease], the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, the 3 month [6.0 points] decreased following the was.

■Size in another 3 months all worse

The size of the enterprise in another, large companies 47. 1 [M / M 0. 9-point decrease], and small businesses 43. 2 [the 1. 0 points reduced],small businesses 43. 9 [the 1. 2 point decrease], and 3 months in all on a scale of worse.

Region in Shikoku has 44. 4 [the same 0. 5 point increase] and improvements, except for 9 in the region deteriorated. Kinki is 42. 2 [the 1. 7 point decrease], and the Tokai is 43. 6[the same 1. 6 point decrease], and the Hokuriku region 42. 1 [same 1. Fell by 4 percentage points], Tohoku 41. 9 [the 1. 3 point decrease], kita Kanto 40. 9 [the 1. 3 point decrease], and China 44. 0[the 1. 0 points reduced], and the deterioration width is larger. Hokkaido is 45. 7[The 0. 9-point decrease], and the South Kanto is 45. 5[The 0. 6 point decrease], and Kyushu is 46. 5[The 0. 6 point decrease] and relatively worsening the width was small.

■Uncertainty is further strengthened

11 on the economy of the DI is 10 months compared with 0. 1 point reduced of 43. 8 to predict. Later also unchanged this month, that’s almost worse trend continues to 2020 10 January 41. 3 predicts,”uncertainty is strengthened by”and that.

Labor and transportation costs such as increased costs, the global economic slowdown negative factors as,the American and the Chinese trade disputes,the World Bank is necessary to keep a close watch on that. On the other hand, from a natural disaster reconstruction demand and the Tokyo Olympics from the urban areas of large-scale redevelopment and labor investment is positive to some. [Article: Township, Changhua County momentum・The article list to look at]

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