10 months of retail sales year-on-year 7. 1%, the consumption tax increases after the purchase will affect a large

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry 11 on May 28, announced on”commercial 動態統計[preliminary report]”, according to the 10 month of retail sales increased less than 7. A decrease of 1% to 11 trillion, 900 billion yen, in 3 months of the year before cracking and was. A spike in demand ahead of the consumption tax hike happened 9 months from the period of the recoil,even nationally most of the damage from Typhoon No. 19 impact was greater. This fall received the Ministry of Economy, Trade and industry is a 10 month trend judgment,9 months of”increased retail sales”from the”advance of retail sale”and was revised downward.

【Mom】9 months of retail sales year-on-year 9. 1%increase,rise in demand before the tax increase led to significantly impact

Retail sales by industry, compared to the same month the previous year and were”medicines・cosmetics retail”[the year 0. 3% increase] only, the other”automotive retail”[the same 17. 0 percent],”machinery and equipment retail”[the same 15. 0 percent],”retail trade, General merchandise”[the 13. 2%decrease],”fuel retailing”[the 13. 0 percent],”textile・clothes・personal items retailer”[the 5. 7 percent],”Other Retail”[the 5. 6 percent],”non-store retailers”[the 4. 1% decrease], and”food & beverage retail”[the 2. 2%decrease] across the Board last year split was. The consumption tax hike, the recoil of the large automotive and household appliances[machinery and equipment retail classification] of sales stood out.

Business sales amount, the”convenience store”is the same 3. 3%increase 1 trillion 314 billion,”drugstore”is the same 0. 1%increase 5,325 billion, and the total exceeded last year’s results for the same period. The convenience store is the consumption tax hike, after the recoil of the typhoons, and the impact is relatively small, especially the”non-food”[the same 10. 2%increase] were particularly strong. Store,”dispensing pharmaceutical products”[the same 8. 9%], and”food”[the same 7. 4% increase] of the sales growth.

On the other hand, the”Department store”is the same 17. 3% reduction [on an existing store basis, the 16. 4%decrease] and 4,265 billion,”super”is the same 3. 7%reduction [on an existing store basis at the 4. 3%decrease] of 1 trillion 312 billion yen, and”household appliances large specialty store”is the same 14. 2%decrease of 2,659 billion,”the Home Center”is the same 7. 1%decrease of 2,550 billion yen year on year were below the figures.

Department stores and supermarkets are the main product of the 1 in clothing sales of the previous year from significantly depressed, and even furniture and household goods sales also sluggish still. Appliances large specialty store is a consumption tax hike after the demand for cooling strongly influenced,”camera type”[the same 28. 5%decrease], mobile phones and other”communication appliances”[the 27. 4%decrease], such as refrigerators and washing machines of”home appliances”[the same 17. 6 percent] is from last year significantly was negative. [Article: Arakawa・The article list to look at]

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