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100 SP Fukubiki Auxiliary Tickets and 2000 Gem! DQ Walk Holds 2019 Award Winning Quests, etc.-Engadget Japan Version

“Dragon Quest Walk (DQ Walk)” is a commemorative quest for the 2019 award and a commemorative mission until 23:59 on December 31st. This quest commemorates winning various awards, including being selected as the best game at Google Play Best of 2019. The rewards for participating are as follows.

Commemorative quest
■ How to participate
Participated from "Quest" "Event". Get clear rewards when you arrive at a specified destination.
■ Clear reward
Gem ✕500
SP equipment Fukubiki auxiliary ticket ✕50

Commemorative mission
■ How to participate
You can get rewards according to the number of times you touch a recovery spot during the period. All clear rewards can be obtained by touching up to 200 times.
■ Clear reward (total)
SP equipment Fukubiki auxiliary ticket ✕50
Gold ✕200000

By completing the quests and missions, you can get Gem ✕2000, SP Fukubiki Auxiliary Ticket ✕100, and Gold ✕200000. When you play DQ Walk, you tend to focus on equipment for a limited time only, but there are many powerful weapons such as “Sword Swordsman Maru” with maximum attack power +181 and “Hikari Tact” with excellent recovery ability SP equipment. For those who are stuck in the main quest, use this quest to get powerful SP equipment.

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