11 days markets 0. 8%increase in 3 days rebound, the Rui voice of technology 5. 6%rise

*18:00JST 11 days markets 0. 8%increase in 3 days rebound, the Rui voice of technology 5. 6%rise
11-day Hong Kong market gainers. The major 50 stocks consisting of the Hang Seng Index yesterday compared with 208. 81 points(0.79%)high 26645. 43 points and 3 days on the rebound, the mainland Enterprise shares, consisting of mainland China share index (formerly the H-share index) is also 107. 26 points(1.03%)high 10502. 53 points and rebounded. The sales price is 74.3 billion 3800 Hong Kong dollars and growing(10 days 617 billion Hong Kong dollars).

Mainland money inflow plus. China・Hong Kong Cross Trading Scheme through the purchase and sale, the mainland-Hong Kong funds inflow amount is 12 month to 10 days on in 2018 All Year minutes exceeded actual situation turned out. China’s Ministry of Finance such as 4 days,equity mutual transactions through the gross profits, the personal income tax exemption to extend the policy expressed only a”mainland funds inflow is likely to continue”with anticipation all again for growing. Chinese policy expectations of stronger situation. The following year’s economic policy strategy for important meetings”the Central Economic Work Conference”on the 12th end and conveyed to the authorities, but additional economic measures to strike out the observations of the flow. US-China trade talks of the uncertainty in the exponent is sluggish scene, although there were toward the end of the projection on the width expanding.

The Hang Seng Index constituent stocks, a small electronic parts manufacturer leading of the Rui voice of technology HD(AAC Technologies Holdings:2018/HK) 5. 6% higher,Hong Kong metro, such as the operation of the Hong Kong railway(MTR:66/HK) 4. 1% higher,China’s government-developer huarun landmark Department store(1109/HK) 2. 4% higher and up stood out.

Industry in China’s real estate is high. The above huarun landmark Department store, as Guangzhou R & F land estate (2777/HK)and Jing 泰富 group HD(1813/HK)and 3. 8%,financial discovery China HD (1918/HK) 2. 7%,旭輝(884/HK) 2. 0%,China Overseas Development(688/HK) 1. 8%one rose. Real estate deregulation movement of the good. According to reports,since the beginning of the year in more than 30 cities real estate tightening to easing and.

Smartphones and 5G related stock group also ransacked it. As described above, of the Rui voice of technology, in addition to the mobile game operation of medium-weight sweater play Science & Technology Group(302/HK) 8. 6% higher,China’s smartphone giant Xiaomi population (1810/HK) 8. 5% higher, the communication infrastructure construction giant China Communications Services(552/HK) 2. 5% higher,communication equipment, a major manufacturer of Keishin communications systems, HD(2342/HK) 1. 6% higher and the value raised. 11 on smartphone shipment growth recovered and reported. Also, the 5G terminal is compared to the previous month increased 2-fold.

China Insurance sector too. Xinhua 人寿 insurance(1336/HK) 2. 7% higher, China Pacific Insurance Group (2601/HK) 2. 3% higher,China Life Insurance (2628/HK) 2. 2% higher,China’s Ping An Insurance(2318/HK) and the crowd 安在 Lines Property Insurance(6060/HK)is the 1. 5% increase in receive.

On the other hand, the mainland market is 5 days after. Key indicators of the Shanghai Composite Index on the previous day compared with 0. 24%high of 2924. 42 points in the loss. Real estate stocks higher. Financial stocks,Automobile Co., Ltd., Sky lucky Ltd., cement stocks such as also bought. On the other hand, tech stocks are cheap. Pharmaceutical stocks and food and Beverage shares the corner of the also sold.

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