"11 flashlights" are different from other iPhones !?

Did you know that the LED light on the back of the iPhone can be used as a flashlight? If you use the "flash light function", you can use it not only for shooting but also for illuminating dark places.

The flash light function is achieved by turning on the LED light, but is affected by the rear camera and rear structure of the iPhone. Even in the iPhone of the same generation, the lighting is different because the design and material are different between iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max.

In iPhone 11, when you turn on the flashlight, the area around the glass attached to the back glows slightly. The faint light leaking from the gap between the aluminum frame and the glass on the side is a level that you will not notice unless it is dark, but it has a quite atmosphere like indirect lighting embedded in the side.

On the other hand, with the same generation of iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max, turning on the flashlight does not emit such light. The fact that the glass on the back is integrated with the camera that slightly protrudes is a common specification of the iPhone 11 series, but the iPhone 11 is a transparent glass for the two-lens lens, the iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max is a slightly cloudy glass for the three-lens The members are different. This may have led to the unique specifications of the iPhone 11, where the surroundings glow slightly.

However, there is no description on how to illuminate the flashlight on Apple's website. It has never been introduced as a function, and it is a feature that anyone who knows knows. Smartphones, including iPhones, are carefully designed, so it's hard to imagine that it's a coincidence, but it's a nice "hidden feature" for owners.

  • "11 flashlights" are different from other iPhones !?

    The specification that glows around when using the flashlight function in the dark is only for iPhone 11

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