11 month of the Eating Out Market,4 consecutive months minus raising taxes if price is reduced group research

Lifestyle Co is in 2019, 11 months of Eating Out Market, announced the Kansai region is greatly depressed and there are also 4 consecutive months compared to the same period the previous year was negative found.

【Here】Shopping center 11 months sales,2 months continuous negative, mainly due to the decline in demand following the front-loaded increase continued

■Eating Out Market size is the 4 consecutive month in year-on-year to minus

8, The Lifestyle Co is in 2019, 11 months of Dine Out Market Research announced. 11 months 3 region[Tokyo Metropolitan area and Kansai・Tokai area] in the Eating Out Market size,compared to the same month the previous year to 4.3 billion yen, a decrease of 3,39.3 billion yen, 19 years and 8 months from 4 months in a row was negative. Eating out the implementation rate is 76. 4% in the same month last year, compared with 0. 1 point increase in the frequency of eating out is 4. 22 times in the 0. 01 times reduced eating out, unit price is 2,562 yen 6 yen was affected.

■Kansai area is 7 consecutive months of year-on-year rate of decline in

Region of the Eating Out Market in the Tokyo Metropolitan area decreased by 59 billion, an increase of 2,109 billion 2-month was a plus, the Kansai area is the 91 billion yen, a decrease of 873 million yen 7 consecutive months of negative. The Tokai area is the 11 billion yen, a decrease of 41.1 billion yen in 2 consecutive months of have been.

The Metropolitan area is eating out the implementation rate, frequency, and unit price of 3 and was a plus on the other hand, the Kansai region is the 3 and the minus was. Also, the Tokai area is eating out the implementation rate of only plus and not.

Incidentally, the Metropolitan area of food service bids[2,608 yen]increment is 32 yen 1. 24%just from that,”plus the width is a tax increase equivalent to receive any real negative and can be interpreted as”Point noted.

■Japanese restaurant or tavern doldrums

Sectoral were the Chinese restaurant[market size:20.8 billion yen,compared to the same period the previous year:6 billion yen, the same below], a restaurant・dining room・dining Western-style restaurant [194 billion yen,10 billion yen],a French・Italian restaurant [256 billion yen and 8 billion yen],grilled meat・steak, hamburger, etc. of specialized stores [35.1 billion yen,10 billion yen],a family restaurant,rotating, etc. [242 billion yen,13 billion yen] As in,among them French・Italian restaurant for 4 consecutive months was a plus.

Opposition to the upset was the business, and the Japanese restaurant[463 billion yen,52 billion yen],Sukiyaki・shabu・hot pot・and other specialized stores [82 billion yen,11 billion yen], the tavern[757 billion yen,19 billion yen], etc,especially the Japanese restaurant for 4 consecutive months, the tavern is 6 consecutive months have been. [Article: Township, Changhua County momentum・The article list to look at]

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