11 on apparel and food sales,the new Corona Effect distressed companies increases the Teikoku Databank survey

Empire data Bank, according to a study of the apparel and eating out and also in the 11 months sales doldrums for many companies was found. However apparel as compared with eating out in a company preferred by upset from tendency was observed.

【Mom】10 on apparel and dining out, tended to recover Corona expanded to concern the Teikoku Databank survey

■Apparel is a TOKYO BASE,the ions chain, such as strong sales continue

12 month 25 days,Teikoku data Bank 11 on listed companies[in apparel]of the monthly sales trends survey announced. Apparel in monthly sales compared to the same month the previous year and was the subject of 24 out of 6 companies. On 10 of the 14 companies from 8 companies, down 6 month later at least had 8 months of 5 companies about a 7 on of 6 companies with the same level or decreased.

The new coronavirus is re-expanded by going out self-restraint in addition to the temperature increase in sales for autumn / winter goods is upset is affected.

Plus was the 6 companies most of the increase was greater for the TOKYO BASE in the same month last year, compared to 16. 8% a year. One of the ions the chain is the 14. 5% increase,Cox is the 13. 9% increase,or from the 11. 4% increase,powered the 8. 6% increase in the current the same 0. 8% to become.

The opposition to minus the width was the largest of Sanyo Shokai in the 29. 0% decrease. Below,world the 24. 0%, the IS to and Holdings the 23. 1%, the data queue is the same 21. 2%, the jeans were the same 20. 9%, the cost is the same 20. 9% decrease and continued. 9 month minus the width of the large Aoyama Trading Co., Ltd. [43.6% decrease,11 March 11. 5% decrease], or to holdings [40.9 percent], Sanyo Co., Ltd[40.0% decrease] as compared with minus width is small for many companies.

However, a member[9 months:3.4%, down 10 months:2.8%, an increase of 11 February:9.9%, the same below], UK[6.7% decrease, 6.8%, an increase of 16.2%] and National Aluminum Wire・international [0.0%, an increase of 10.3%, and 6.2% decrease], such as Mar or minus slipped to the companies as well.

■Eating out sushi is 41. 9% increase while the distressed companies often

12 on 29 Empire data Bank, the 11 months of the catering industry in the listed companies of the monthly sales trends survey announced. Foodservice in monthly sales compared to the same period the previous year had a target of 65 out of 15 companies[23.1%], and 10 months of 63 out of 18 companies[28.6%], slightly decreased from was.

GoTo Internet campaign by recovery of the end, and the new corona virus re-expanded by the shortening of operating hours at of the affected.

Plus was among the companies increased in width was the largest of the sushi in the same month last year, compared with 41. 9% increase. One of the New Zealand service Holdings the 27. 2% increase,the gift is the same 23. 8% and SBS Holdings is the 22. 1% increase, the food service is the same 22. 0% increase,the flying garden is the 20. 2% increase, the story content is the same 19. 7% increase in Japan, KFC Holdings is the 18. 9%, and in Japan McDonald’s holdings are the same 10. 2% to such as have become.

The opposition to minus the width was the largest of the chimney in the 55. 9% decrease. Hereinafter, Pepper Food Service is the same 52. 5%, the system is the 47. 2%, the Marche is the 43. 6%, The 大庄 The 42. 7%, the word is the same 39. 9%, the dynamic network Holdings is the 37. 9% decrease and continued. The above apparel industry compared with the strong companies and weak companies, the difference is large, and the new coronavirus of influence to further expand this 12 months are worse than likely to. [Article: Township, Changhua County momentum・The article list to look at]

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