11 on the bytes of the hourly rate is 1111 yen year-on-year is the 39 consecutive month increased byte level research

Job sites”back”to operate the dip according to the announcement, and the average hourly rate for 39 consecutive months compared to the same period the previous year was found.

【Here】9 months of part・time hourly rate,to rise following the minimum wage changes in the 10 months after

■Compared to the same month the previous year to 39 consecutive months plus

12, the job sites”back”to operate the dip, the 11 month of the average hourly wage published, the national real average hourly earnings decreased by 54 increased by 1,111 yen, 39 consecutive months plus was. Mom of 4 increase in 4 consecutive months of plus.

Major occupation is the production and skills only increased less than minus [11 months feeding:1,071 yen,compared to the same period the previous year:25 yen]in the other 8 positions are all a plus, especially in professional occupations[the 1,523 yen 258 yen], construction[the 1,299 yen 128 yen]at the hourly rate you. Opposite to the conveying・cleaning・packing, etc. [the 1,054 yen,an increase of 13], education[the 1,381 yen,16 yen increase]in elongation is small for me.

■Nursing care and leisure and entertainment up

小職 type in the larger hourly wages have gone up, and the profession of Nursing and nursing care[11 months feeding:1,634 yen,compared to the same period the previous year:345 yen],services of leisure and entertainment facilities [the 1,170 yen,218 yen], building the architecture of the system [the 1,324 yen 153 yen], etc.

Conversely, the hourly rate is significantly lower, and clerical occupations of office other [the same 1,105 yen 215 yen decrease] and professional and vocational study related [the same 1,153 yen 324 yen],services of travel[the same 1,161 yen 168 yen], manufacturing・skills of the skills system [the 1,137 yen and 106 yen], etc.

■Model・extra・entertainment-related hourly top

小職 type in the most the average hourly wage was higher for the model・extra・entertainment-related of 1,752 yen in the same month last year, compared to 69 yen. Some in the nursing・care[11 months feeding:1,634 yen,compared to the same period the previous year:345 yen],mobile・home appliances sales[the 1,413 yen,6 yen],Pachi [the 1,410 yen 62 yen],cram school teacher・tutor [from the same 1,406 yen 32 yen],teacher・lecturer・instructor [the 1,399 yen,11 yen],event-related[the same 1,395 yen and 101 yen],campaign related [with the same 1,353 yen 45 yen] Pharmacist・registered seller:a pharmacy [a 1,325 yen,5 yen increase],TV app・stereo pair[the same 1,283 yen 45 yen] order.

■4 regions and over the year plus

By region, the Kanto region decreased by 48 by 1,160 yen [forecast unchanged], Donghae is the 68 an increase of 1,092 yen [a 10 yen], Kansai is the 71 increased by 1,137 yen [the 17 yen], Kyushu is the 52 yen 995 yen [+5 yen]and,for any of the regions was.

Also, Kansai is a great occupation all of the Plus and, especially in professional occupations[11 months feeding:1,588 yen,compared to the same period the previous year 430 yen]growth was greater. The profession is Tokai[the 1,547 yen,412 yen], Kyushu[the 1,487 yen 391 yen increase]in elongation is large. The other is a Tokai Construction [the same 1,361 yen,218 yen],Kanto profession[the 1,521 yen and 135 yen]and construction[the 1,391 yen and 136 yen increase]in elongation is larger as well. [Article: Township, Changhua County momentum・The article list to look at]

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