12/13 the strength of the material

*08:19JST 12/13
(Strength of materials)

Bull material
・Dow will rise(28132.05,+220.75)
・The NASDAQ Composite Index rise(8717.32,+63.27)
・Chicago Nikkei 225 futures rise(23700,Osaka ratio+300)
・1 dollar 109 yen 20-30 Qian
・The SOX index is on the rise(1806.87,+47.67)
・VIX index drops(13.94,-1.05)
・US crude oil futures rise(59.18,+0.42)
・The Nikkei Stock Average rising(23424.81,+32.95)
・The BOJ’s ETF purchases
・Leader of aspect of share buybacks

・Us long-term interest rates to rise
・The UK’s European Union (EU) Withdrawal problem
・The consumption tax hike, the economy downward
・Hong Kong demo protracted

・Bank of Japan Tankan(10-12 months)
・Futures and options 12 months as long as the special liquidation index (SQ) calculated
・Capacity utilization(10 months)
・Debt purchase
・Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Tokyo lecture
・The British General election of a large turn out
・US retail sales (11 months)
・US import price index(11 month)
・US business inventories(10 months)
・15 days in the United States and China to each other additional duties triggered《ST》

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