12/16 the strength of the material

*08:31JST 12/16
[Strength of materials]

Bull material
・The Nikkei Stock Average rising[24023.10,+598.29] ・Dow will rise[28135.38,+3.33] ・The NASDAQ Composite Index rise[8734.88,+17.56] ・VIX index drops[12.63, -1.31] ・US crude oil futures rise[60.07,+0.89] ・Us long-term interest rates to decline
・The BOJ’s ETF purchases
・Leader of aspect of share buybacks

・Chicago Nikkei 225 futures decline[23900,Osaka ratio-60] ・1 dollar 109 yen 30-40 sen
・The SOX index fell[1796.04,-10.83] ・The consumption tax hike, the economy downward
・Hong Kong demo protracted

・Manufacturing PMI[12 month] ・Chapter 3 the industrial activity index[10 months] Base newly listed
・JMDC new listing
・The Lancer is the new listing
・China new home price[11 months] ・China Industrial Production[11 months] ・China retail sales[11 months] ・China Real Estate Investment[11 months] ・Germany manufacturing PMI[12 month] ・Eurozone Manufacturing PMI[12 month] ・UK manufacturing PMI[12 month] ・U.S. New York Fed Manufacturing Index [12 months] ・US NAHB housing market index[12 months] ・U.S. U.S. portfolio investment balance of payments[10 month] 《ST》

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